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Item #: SCP-472

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-472 is to be kept in the center of an empty cell of dimensions 3.72 m2 (40 ft2), at least 6.09 m (20 ft) below any corridors or other rooms. The cell should remain locked unless in use by personnel, and all personnel wishing to enter for research purposes must undergo a psychological evaluation and submit a research request before being permitted entry. For security purposes, no personnel should remain within 6.09 m (20 ft) of the stone for more than five (5) minutes, except in specifically authorized cases of testing on Class-D subjects.

Description: SCP-472 is a large polished spherical dark red ruby that is approximately five (5) centimeters in diameter. Chemical analysis confirms that SCP-472 appears to be an ordinary ruby with no special properties. When any subject possessing a heartbeat passes within a 6.09 m (20 ft) radius of SCP-472, that subject will begin to hear the distant beating of a heart within their head. Further testing after the acquisition of SCP-472 revealed that the heartbeat heard directly corresponds with the subject's own heartbeat, with the frequency of the palpitations increasing or decreasing with the pulse of the subject. D-Class Personnel subjected to SCP-472 for only a few minutes reported vague feelings of unease and anxiety. If the subject vacates the area around SCP-472 within a few minutes, this effect ceases. The effects are inaudible to any except those within the twenty-foot radius.

Prolonged exposure provokes a variety of additional reactions. Feelings of anxiety increase gradually, accompanied with feelings of paranoia. After ten to twenty minutes exposed to the stone, the subject begins to hallucinate, reporting seeing the world around them tinged with red and hearing vague whispering noises. Subjects are often rendered catatonic and both physically and mentally incapable of leaving the influence of SCP-472 by this point, although there have been exceptions in which the subject attempted to flee. If the subject remains in proximity of SCP-472, the hallucinations increase and become more vivid and visual; frequent hallucinations seem to include rivulets of blood trailing down the walls, images of death and gore, and screaming. Subjects continuing to remain in proximity of SCP-472 seem invariably to be driven to an intense state of psychosis, a state which does not end even after the departure from the stone's area of influence.

Addendum 472-A: Transcript of interview between Subject D-472-1 and Dr. ██████ on ██/██/████:

Dr. ██████: Do you hear anything unusual?

D-472-1: I can hear… it sounds like a heartbeat.

Dr. ██████: Good. Please jog around the room for a few moments.

(Subject complies.)

Dr. ██████: Stop. Do you hear any difference in the sound?

D-472-1: It's faster now. Wait, is this my heartbeat?

Dr. ██████: Please stay still for several minutes now, and inform me if you notice any changes in sensation.

(Eight minutes pass.)

Dr. ██████: Do you notice any change?

D-472-1: I can hear… it's like, whispers, but I can't make out what they're saying. What color are the walls in here?

Dr. ██████: White.

D-472-1: Are you sure? They look… reddish. (Pauses. In a shaky voice:) I want to get out of here.

Dr. ██████: Please remain within the room.

(Subject sits down on the ground, hugging knees closely to chest and breathing raggedly. Nine minutes pass.)

D-472-1: (eyes widening) Oh, God.

Dr. ██████: What do you see?

D-472-1: (breathing raggedly) There's… blood. On the walls! What is it doing there? Make it… make it go away.

Dr. ██████: Can you describe it?

D-472-1: It's… it's seeping through the cracks! Running down the walls! Red, red - oh, oh, God. (Whimpers.)

(Twelve minutes pass. During this time, the subject continues to hug knees tightly to chest, rock back and forth, and make unintelligible whimpering noises. This is abruptly interrupted by a shriek from the subject.)

D-472-1: (in a high, hysterical voice) Oh, God! What is that? Why is he there? Why are they there? Let me out of here! (Subject runs to the door, which is locked, and begins to bang on it.)

Dr. ██████: What do you see?

D-472-1: Blood! Blood! Why are these bodies here? Oh! Oh, God, I'm soaked in it! Let me out! Let me out of here! (Subject breaks down sobbing and collapses to the ground before vomiting on the floor. Afterwards, he curls into the fetal position, whimpering and seemingly oblivious to the fact that he is lying in his own vomit.)

Dr. ██████: Subject D-472-1, please respond.

D-472-1: (incoherent noises)

(Fifteen further minutes pass. Dr. ██████ finally declares the experiment at an end, and the door is opened. Subject immediately springs to his feet, screaming, and attempts to attack nearby personnel. Subject is terminated by security before any serious injuries occur.)

Addendum 472-B: Dr. ██████ conducted a test on ██/██/████ in which an ordinary Labrador canine was exposed to SCP-472 and leashed to prevent its leaving the area. Initial uneasiness was observed in the canine's behavior as it paced back and forth, occasionally giving a whining bark. After a few minutes, it began to alternately attempt to strain free of its leash and collapse into a heap on the floor. When it was released after an hour, it attempted to attack nearby personnel as though rabid, and as no tranquilizers were on hand, it was terminated.

Addendum 472-C: Dr. ██████ conducted a test on ██/██/████ in which an ordinary tape recorder was placed next to SCP-472 in a silent room and set to record. When it was retrieved after a period of one hour and played back, there was no sound discovered on the tape.

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