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Item #: SCP-472

Object Class: Safe/Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A backup copy of SCP-472 is to be kept on a hard storage medium in vault #████ at site [DATA EXPUNGED]. Dr. ██████████ is to keep the main copy of SCP-472 from which copies may be made for research purposes or for field agents. A copy of SCP-472 may be requested from Dr. ██████████ for research purposes, however it is not to be played at any time when an Agent is carrying a copy in the field.

Any personnel exposed to SCP-472 for a period greater than four hours is to be treated for minor to severe radiation poisoning. SCP-472 should not be used by any personnel for any time greater than ten hours, as no personnel have survived after this level of exposure.

Description: SCP-472 is an orchestrated musical score apparently performed by a full symphony orchestra. It does not match any known music to date.

The original copy of the score was found on a cassette tape by Agents ███ and ████. The tape was found in a large bin labeled "FREE TAPES!" in a music store, in Gold Coast, Australia. Following the discovery of its unusual properties, a recovery team was dispatched to the story to locate any additional copies. Five more copies of the tape were tracked down. Each copy was transferred to CD, due to the tapes' age. When it was confirmed that each copy had the same properties, the extra copies were destroyed.

When a person listens to the score they become impervious to most forms physical harm. Other side effects produced are similar to that of an adrenaline rush, including increased heart rate and dilated pupils. It should be noted that although the score is not physically addictive, many subjects exposed to it expressed a great desire to experience it again. Subjects with addictive personalities should not be exposed to SCP-472.

SCP-472 has a secondary effect, not detected until some time after its discovery. The device being used to play the score begins to emit low levels of Gamma and X-rays. The level of radiation is not harmful for short periods of time; however, longer periods of exposure are dangerous and eventually fatal.

A curious aspect of SCP-472 arises when multiple copies are played at once. Both the primary and secondary effects are lessened for each individual listening to the score. When two copies are played at once, the effects are roughly half of their normal potency; when three are played, they are roughly one third, et cetera.

Addendum: The following is a log of experiment 472-019, to compare the effectiveness of force on subjects using SCP-472. Each subject was exposed to one copy of SCP-472 while other copies were being played offsite. Subjects were shot in the chest with a 9mm handgun, and resulting damage was recorded along with the number of copies of SCP-472 playing at once.

  • Subject A

Copies of SCP-472 playing: 1
No visible damage to subject. Subject stated that he "felt it" but that it "didn't even hurt."

  • Subject B

Copies of SCP-472 playing: 2
No immediate visible damage. Subject developed slight bruising some time later. Subject stated that it "hurt a little, like being kicked in the chest."

  • Subject C

Copies of SCP-472 playing: 3
Bullet pierced skin; mild bleeding resulted. Subject developed large bruising some time later. Subject stated that it "felt just like how I thought being shot would feel like."

  • Subject D

Copies of SCP-472 playing: 4
Bullet pierced skin, resulting in much bleeding. Bone beneath skin was slightly damaged. Subject was unable to comment due to pain medication.

  • Subject E

Copies of SCP-472 playing: 5
Bullet lodged in bone. Subject died.

  • Subject F

Copies of SCP-472 playing: 6
Bullet's effectiveness matched that of a shot under normal conditions. Subject died.

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