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Image of SCP-473 found attached to the intercepted e-mail

Item #: SCP-473

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: There is no special requirement for containment. SCP is currently in a safe in the office of Dr.████████.

Description: The item is a 98-page notebook with a slightly stained, light orange cover, which once belonged to █████ ████████, a student in Brunei who claimed to have found it on a beach. Our Agents procured it after intercepting an e-mail from the same student regarding the unusual properties of SCP-473. So far, █████ has not made any attempt to report his loss. The notebook's contents are empty, with every page completely blank-white.

SCP-473 carries three interesting traits:

1- All ink or paint applied on its pages simply fall off, unable to remain on the page. Graphite from pencil is also unable to remain on its pages. Tests with over three hundred and fifty different types of liquids has shown that nothing will stain its pages. When SCP-294 was asked to produce a liquid that could remain on the pages, SCP-294 answered 'OUT OF RANGE'.

2- It is completely immune to the effects of any liquid, no matter what temperature or pH level. SCP-075's secretions are no exception.

3- Anyone who opens the book will feel compelled to write or draw something in its pages, though this effect only lasts for approximately one minute, after which the person will return completely to normal.

Tests done on a single page has proven that it can be burned and ripped, behaving just like normal paper. Smoke resulting from incinerated pages are totally normal. The pages can be folded, and still retain its liquid-proof traits. All tests show the pages are made of ordinary wood, notably lacking any other chemical component. The notebook's cover does not share the same properties with the blank pages, i.e. it will not repel any form of liquid.

Prolonged exposure to SCP-473 yields no side-effects, harmful or otherwise. It is, for all intents and purposes, an empty notebook that will forever be empty. After two months of testing and experimentation, this SCP has been deemed to be totally Safe, though there is a strong possibility that there is more to this notebook than what can be normally observed (See Document 473-B).

Document 473-A

After performing experiments involving SCP-821, it was determined that the notebook does not allow ink in any form to touch its surface. We decided to try writing on it with pencils, but it seems graphite is also forbidden. Crayons, pastels, anything that can normally be used on paper will not remain.

This book simply refuses to let anything leave a mark on it. After burning a page, the browned/blackened parts fall off, leaving behind a totally blank sheet. For whatever reason, this notebook taunts everyone with its ability to repel permanent traces of anything.

There were 50 sheets of paper, now 49 remain after one was used for experiments involving fire. Approximately 12% of the cover's surface is damaged from tests. Attempts to reproduce the notebook by using SCP-038 results in smaller notebooks with pages that are significantly less resistant to liquids than the original.

Document 473-B

We have decided to use SCP-085 (also known as 'Cassy') to see if she is able to find anything more regarding the notebook's paper.

SCP-085 reports that though she is unable to 'jump' into the notebook, she claims that there is actually an invisible 'force field' between the pages and her. She also believes that the notebook's pages are filled with 'hidden drawings', but she does not know how to make them visible. When asked how she gained awareness of the hidden drawings, she said "When I touched the force field for a moment, I saw a glimpse of some shapes, though I can't quite describe them."

Cassy's reports gave rise to the theory that the notebook has some form of sentience, possibly even a form of life, but at the moment there is no way to confirm this aside from Cassy's claims. The notebook is still considered 'Safe', but we have decided to continue observing it and moved it to a small safe instead of a file cabinet.


For the last time, stop taunting new recruits by pretending to give helpful advice and telling them to take notes with this. -Dr. ████████

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