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Item #: SCP-474

Object Class: Safe/Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-474 should be contained in a twelve by twelve (12x12) cubic box made of any hard metal material, and secured by a standard pad lock. The box is to be stored in a locker unit on Storage Site-23, and SCP-474 only removed in the event of approved testing.

Description: SCP-474 is a severed human head, appearing in various states of decomposition. It is freshly severed on certain occasions, and at other times it is in a state close to complete corrosion; the cause of these changes is currently undetermined. Due to its condition, SCP-474 smells tremendously of decaying flesh, as well as, it is sometimes noted, blood and vomit. SCP-474 has distinctly female features, with a constant expression of pain indicated on its face. In the place of hair, SCP-474 has various snake appendages protruding from its head. Though the species of snake is unidentified, it is venomous. A dissection of said snake showed that it’s backbone and ribcage develop directly from SCP-474’s skull, though the rest of it is anatomically similar to a regular snake.

SCP-474 came to the Foundation’s attention after several cases of venomous snake bite with severe, unusual symptoms spread across the Greek island of ████████. Dr. ████ was sent to observe the symptoms and collect patient accounts of SCP-474 (Addendum 474-1). The effects of the snake bite are slow, and painful; the venom causes all joints to become stiff to a point of immobility. Patients are awake and aware of their surroundings throughout this process, but unable to make any movement in the most advanced stages.

SCP-474 is mostly dormant. Personnel passing by its storage locker have reported hearing the sounds of female screaming and fevered whispers in a foreign tongue. There has been only one instance of SCP-474 biting Foundation personnel on Storage Site-23.

Addendum 474-1:

Interview of a patient infected by SCP-474.

Dr. ████: Can you describe how the snake bite happened?

Patient-4: I was with… I'm so sorry. Pain, in my knee and my elbows. Everywhere.

Dr. ████: Take your time.

Patient-4: My wife. I was with my wife. We were taking a hike on the █████ hill, when we heard the sound of a woman screaming. Screaming like she was being attacked. It was horrible. I told my wife to stay where she was - I didn't want her to get hurt, the sound was so horrible - and I went to see what was causing it. There was this smell… like an animal that has been run over by a car? Yes, that, and then I felt a sharp pain on my leg.

Dr. ████: Did you see what bit you?

Patient-4: No. A snake, you say? I don’t know. But it smelt… so bad.

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