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Item #: SCP-475

Object Class: Euclid (Previously Safe)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-475 is to be locked in a 0.5 meter by 0.5 meter by 0.5 meter hermetically sealed safe in the Storage Unit 45-C of Sector 19. At no time should the safe be opened except with the consent and observation of no fewer than three (3) Level-4 or higher staff until the investigation has been completed. At no point during testing should any part of SCP-475 be allowed to come in contact with machine oil.

Due to the hypnotic suggestion powers of SCP-475, personnel who have come in contact with known religious groups of interest, or are Protestants must first repent. Failure to adhere to these procedures will result in immediate termination.

Under no circumstances should any member of the Roman Catholic Church, Church of the Broken God, or Fifth Church be allowed knowledge of SCP-475's existence.

Description: SCP-475 is an ornate sculpture depicting a generic Pope carved out of soap. Analysis reveals it to be composed of long-chain saturated fatty acids (CH3-(CH2)n), totaling 89.7% of its mass, with the remaining 10.3% corresponding to ███████-████, attached as the hydrophilic head. It is believed that the ███████-████ gives SCP-475 its unique properties, but attempts to recreate SCP-475 have failed, and since Incident 475-A, no further attempts have been made.

When SCP-475 comes into contact with water and is applied to skin, all accumulated foreign contaminants are removed. Tested materials include dead skin cells, perspiration, ████████████████, dirt, and detergents. Post test examinations have shown that 100% of foreign contaminants are removed, a statistical anomaly. This process only occurs when used on human skin. All attempts to use SCP-475 on non-humans have failed, resulting in [DATA EXPUNGED].

Incident 475-A has demonstrated that other anomalies occur depending on the religious practices of the test subject. Subjects practicing Roman Catholicism have reported experiencing a heightened affirmation of their beliefs accompanied with a slight increase in radiance and complexion. Subjects practicing ███████████ █████ have reported [DATA EXPUNGED], resulting in severe damage to ligaments below the knees. Of the captured agents of the Church of the Broken God, only one was viable for testing. The test resulted in [DATA EXPUNGED] along with the deaths of 7 Church agents, and the irrecoverable loss of 2 D-Class personnel. No other test attempts have been made at this time. All other faiths resulted in no anomalies other than those attributed to the cleaning process.

Addendum: Those with Level-3 or higher Security Clearance should see document #475-1 in regards to incident 475-A.

Document #475-1: Incident 475-A occurred during testing on D-234, a professed member of the Roman Catholic Church. The following audio log was recorded. Video logs have been classified █████████ and locked under the authority of О5-█.

Dr. ██████: Okay folks, we're just about done here. This will be our last Roman Catholic. I think we've got enough data to submit a request for a 'safe' classification. Go ahead D-234.
D-234: So what, I just wash myself with this soap?
Dr. ██████: That's right. We've turned off the cameras, so don't be shy.
Dr. ████: [hushed tone] But Doctor, we haven't turn-
Dr. ██████: Shush. He doesn't need to know that.
(several minutes of nondescript noise are recorded)
Dr. ██████: Is he still going? You can stop now D-234.
Dr. ████: I, uh… it doesn't look like he heard you.
Dr. ██████: D-234, the experiment is over. Put down 475 and proceed to decontamination. That is an order.

(No response from D-234)
Dr. ██████: Did you hear me?
Dr. ████: I think he is saying something…?
D-234: [muffled] …unclean… Still not clean…
Dr. ██████: Is that… Guards! Restrain D-234!
D-234: I am unclean. I am still dirty.
Dr. ████: Oh my ███, his skin!
Dr. ██████: DROP IT!
D-234: [hysterical] STILL NOT CLEAN!

Subject D-234 was terminated after his skin and eyes [DATA EXPUNGED]. It was later discovered that D-234 converted to Roman Catholicism after his incarceration for petty theft from a religious institution, and possession of methamphetamines, and never received baptismal rites. Further testing has been requested by Dr. ██████, but the request has been denied pending an investigation into the remains of D-234.

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