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Item #: SCP-477

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-477 is contained in the European branch located in █████.

The vault containing SCP-477 is to be cleaned on the fifth of every month, by level 3 operatives only. A bio-hazard team may be needed, but occurrence of contamination is rare. Any blood found must not touch human skin. Any tissue samples encountered are to be examined, then incinerated.

In the event of a contaminated operative, said operative is to have skin surgically removed without anesthetic, and nailed to the box using nails similar to those in place already.

Description: SCP-477 was found in an abandoned castle in eastern █████. The box is dated at 243 b.c.1, origin of the box is unknown. According to information from █████ █████ SCP-477 contains the "Horn of the Anthropophagus". During extraction the box was accidentally opened by an operative (#02134/DECEASED) causing a low rumbling sound initially thought to be emanating from the box, but on closer inspection the sounds origin was within the operatives head. The operative underwent severe contortive spasms and abnormal mutation resulting in almost immediate death. (further information in Add.1) .

For an unknown reason human tissue appears inside the vault on a regular basis, from droplets of blood to pieces of muscular tissue identified as tongues. the tissue contains human DNA which is not traceable to any single person.This tissue is contaminated with a bio-toxin which duplicates the symptoms and painful death of operative #02134. After several experiments it is found that the unknown bio-toxin is extremely contagious. Possible Military use of the toxin where discontinued after it was found that the only way to contain the bio-toxin's effects was to have the skin of an infected person nailed to the box while they watch. Afterwards the infected individual is completely free from the bio-toxin and its effects2.

1)This is only an estimation, date is placed at the first recording of SCP-477 (Egru Texts Pe Invisible Lume. the text archive)
2)For an unknown reason the infected person feels no pain while watching their skin being nailed to the box, though once the final nail is driven through the skin the pain resumes and the person in question bleeds to death.
3) According to Egru Texts Pe Invisible Lume. The reason for the skin removal without anesthetic is to "Appeafe the Daemonf refiding within the foul, for pain if the true way to God.". While this explanation is not scientifically sound, there seems to be no other reason not to use anesthetic. Tests where conducted using anesthetic but they are regarded as failures. The files and subjects involved were lost in a supposedly unrelated fire.

Addendum 1:

*AUTOPSY: 00.2727*
*OP: #02134*
Subject's skin unusually translucent (t.o.d.). Hair fallen out before first incision, scalp and face totally devoid of any known wrinkles/imperfection. Extreme deterioration of upper and lower lips, yet extreme increase in musculature of eyes and tongue.
General hardening of overall musculature.Unexplained lengthening of fingers, and feet.
Internal organs extremely changed. Liver size increased along with small intestines and kidneys. Unknown substance coating insides of lungs and larynx (acidity level .21 above any other known bodily fluid). Small mouth like structure complete with tiny, centimeter long teeth located on solar plexus of subject (entire structure 25 in.).
Growth of the small jaws on solar plexus and tiny eye-like structures located near the collar bone continued approx. 14 hrs. after t.o.d. along with fingers.
Massive increase in bone density below head and first 10.16cm (4in) of spinal column.
Skull density decreased dramatically. Massive brain deterioration from the inside out including severe internal hemorrhaging. Iris and pupil turned totally white at time of death due to a thin film of similar composition as fluid found in lungs.

Addendum 2: Approximately one year after installation into vault, problems with security systems began. All cameras installed in the vault ceased working instantaneously.

Audio monitoring functioned for an entire year without detecting any abnormal occurrences, until #█████PM when every sound inaudible to humans became audible and augmented. Almost all the sounds on the recording are as of late unexplained.


Addendum 3:
Exerpt from the █████ grimoire, dated █████


"While not undead themselves, these corpseherds bear down on the aftermath of battle fields, reanimating the strewn dead and consuming the irreparable. These beings loom up eight feet, headless with unreadable faces set in their chests, mumbling to each other as they collect their cattle and return to the hills."

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