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Item #: SCP-480

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-480 is to be kept within its wooden box [10x3x3cm] unless needed for research. Personnel must handle SCP-480 from its eye end to avoid accidental puncturing of skin or clothing.

Description: SCP-480 is a platinum, size 7, 8cm long, sharp sewing needle. No thread will pass through the eye, being repelled as if the eye were already full.

SCP-480 displays spacial manipulation when used to sew together multiple objects or repair one object. When SCP-480 is inserted (point first) within its 8cm length, it will reemerge near the area of insertion at equal length (point first). Reemergence will be random within 1cm unless a location is predetermined mentally by its user. Pulling the reemerged shaft allows for full retrieval of SCP-480. This spacial manipulation allows SCP-480 to be inserted into objects of any thickness and material.

SCP-480 connects two locations together through an unknown force. Locations are pulled closer to one another at a distance equal to distance the eye of SCP-480 has traveled (physical distance, not distance between locations). Objects will be dragged along with these locations, fusing together until the two locations meet. The pull may be stopped with a mental command to "cut" the "thread" off of SCP-480. The connection between locations remain and fusion is irreversible.

Internal structures of fused objects, such as computer circuitry or blood vessels, are fused as well. The functionality of fused internal structures is limited. The fused circulatory systems of two animals will exchange blood, allowing both organisms to survive. Fusing the circulatory system of an animal with circuitry of a computer will cause both systems to fail.

Addendum from Dr. Fisher: Objects are still connected even if they are not fused. Care should be taken when moving one object that is part of a chain created by SCP-480.

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