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Item #: SCP-481

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-481 is currently contained at Armed Research Site-45. Item is to be kept in a storage cell, fitted with a blast door and guarded by no less than two (2) standard-equipped personnel. No admittance to 481s storage cell is allowed unless specified by Dr. Carnival. Agent’s █████ ███ and ███████ █. ███ are currently the only field operatives allowed to remove SCP-481 from Site-45.

Description: SCP-481 is a bracelet consisting of fifteen (15) metallic beads. The exact metal it is composed of is indeterminable, however samples reveal similar properties found in the substance that SCP-███ is made of, suggesting a connection (Confirmed. –Dr. Carnival). The inside of each bead is roughly carved to resemble a human skull. Located on the outer surface of three of the beads, the phrase 鎧甲鹽, which translates to "Armor of salt" is carved in traditional Chinese, further suggesting a connection to SCP-███. The meaning of this phrase is under investigation.

The bracelet imbues the wearer with several benefits, including:

-Increased speed and physical strength.

-A change in appearance to that of a black, semi-transparent humanoid, effectively cloaking the wearers’ appearance to witnesses and recording devices.

-The ability to “meld with shadows” (See Addendum 481-a).

Test subjects have noted a distinct pain on the wrist that 481 is worn, compared to that of being bitten by a small animal. Removal reveals fifteen (15) puncture wounds, in alignment with the position of each skull bead. During long-term contact with SCP-481, test subjects begin to show signs of health issues, including severe weight loss, deterioration of the bone and muscle structure, loss of appetite, and a severe aversion to daylight. Symptoms worsen with continued exposure, eventually resulting in the wearers’ death. Symptoms only seem to appear after two (2) to three (3) hours of contact, and are recoverable with appropriate medical attention. No adverse mental effects have been noted.

Addendum 481-a: Testing with SCP-481 has revealed the ability to willingly absorb one’s self into any shaded area. Once “inside” these areas, the wear may instantly travel to any other shadow within sight. The knowledge of this ability is gained with contact with SCP-481, and becomes, according to test subjects, a second nature to them. Ability is lost with the removal of SCP-481.

Addendum 481-b: Due to the loss of Agent █████ (See Incident 481-a), use of the beads by Agents in the field is suspended indefinitely.

Incident 481-a: Agent █████, working in conjunction with Mobile Task Force [EXPUNGED], was cleared for use of SCP-481. [DATA EXPUNGED]. Upon donning the beads, visual contact with Agent █████ was lost, contrary to the current operation outline. Agent █████ was retrieved several days later in [DATA EXPUNGED], suffering from severe psychosis. [DATA EXPUNGED]. [DATA EXPUNGED].

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