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Item #: SCP-4815

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Containment area around the island is be enforced by island based naval forces at all times. Sinking of vessels and termination of crew and passengers is required for all encounters that allow uncleared individuals to come within 100NM of the island (Containment Area 1). Aircraft that attempt visual contact or attempt to overfly the island will be destroyed by effecting [REDACTED] as a weapon against the violator. Willful unauthorized attempts to breach the island, though not unprecedented, are rare, because of the unique challenges presented in navigating to the island. Most incursions are random, and accidental, although this fact is not regarded when dealing with those situations compared to a purposeful uncleared visit.

Access to island is permitted via aircraft for Level 3 or higher personnel, ocean going vessel for Level 2 or higher, and submersible craft for all Level 1 and Class D personnel. Authorized ships will arrive at docking facilities [REDACTED]. All personnel on the island must complete orientation training sessions 1 through 22, or other training material required for the post. Several security zones on the island are also enforced. Zone 1 is protected by sonic fence which may only be deactivated by Level 3 personnel, and contains living quarters, [REDACTED] [REDACTED] and {REDACTED]. [REDACTED] station permitted to by only Level 3 personnel. Field control computers at [REDACTED] must be manned by two Level 2 staff members at all times. In times of duress Class D individuals may be used to man this station. Failure of field control computers will result in a breach of concrete-encased magnetic containment system of [REDACTED]. In this event Procedure 4815-K must be performed immediately. Triggering key for Procedure 4815-K is located in the [REACTED] station staff office. Relocation event is manually triggered every [REDACTED] years to hide the island and prevent the island from relocating on it's own. Experimental Groups of between 6 and 96 Class-D individuals should be rotated frequently. Additional people who come in contact with the island (plane crash, ship wreck, or unexplained appearance) are to immediately be classified as Class D personnel in a new Experimental Group and dealt with accordingly. Extreme caution must be used because of danger presented by indiginous creatures in Zones 2, 3, 5, and 7. Special protection requirements are needed for unique life forms in these areas which are extremely deadly and exist no other place on Earth. Biohazard protection must be utilized in zone 4. [REDACTED] station is to be staffed with 4 personnel, [REDACTED] station with 8, [REDACTED] station with 15 and [REDACTED] station with 16, [REDACTED] station with 23, and [REDACTED] station with 32. Shifts are to be rotated every 8 hours. Personnel must complete tests daily to test for any mental duress or hallucinations.

Description: SCP-4815 is an island, of approximately 800 km2 which appears to exist within a self-contained subspace bubble. The topological inconsistencies associated with this "bubble" makes it difficult to navigate to the island without knowing exactly how to do it; it may only be approached on certain vectors to actually cross the boundary and arrive on the island. Traveling along inappropriate routes to or away from the island causes space to "wrap around" as if they are returning the island from the opposite way that they left it, or when moving towards it to simply pass through it as if it wasn't there at all. Aboard the island is a pocket of what is postulated to be "strange matter" around which the [REDACTED] station has been build. With careful manipulation this pocket of strange matter enables space/time effects to be controled in such a manner as to allow time travel, instant non-linear transportation of very large masses (the island itself), and stable wormholes with space/times outside and far away from the bubble. When the island transports itself it will quickly adapt its ecosystem of the area it is in; although the base rock of the island (glacial granite) never changes, suggesting a possible origin of the island. Whether this adaptation is a function of the ecosystem of the island or as part of the anomalies on the island itself is still undetermined. This rapid change has resulted in the situation where new lifeforms were introduced to the island quickly, and adapting and evolving even more swiftly resulting in never before observed life-forms. A stable magnetic monopole also exists at [REDACTED] above which [REDACTED] station is built and contained by a powerful magnetic field. The causal relationship, if any, that exists between the monopole, the subspace bubble, the strange matter, and the wormholes and the unique life on the island is as yet understood. Events on the island also appear to happen which defy probabilities, with these effects being able to reach out all across the world, similar to the effects of SCP-███, which suggest a quantum explanation for all these anomalies. Study of these phenomenon has the potential to unite the quantum and relativistic world. Also located on the island are a village with living quarters, several stations, a helipad, a flat, long field that can be repurposed as a landing strip, a dock, an underwater submarine port and communication station, a wrecked spanish galleon, several ruins of ancient, but indeterminate origin, a greenhouse, an alarming number of crashed airplanes and crash debris, and a few automobiles.

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