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SCP-484 after being relocated to its specially designed chamber

Item #: SCP-484

Object Class: Euclid (Previously classified as Safe until Incident 484-1. See Document #305-H for details of reclassification.)

Special Containment Procedures: Object must be kept suspended within a hermetically sealed soundproof spherical room of at least 16 meters in diameter at all times whilst monitored by a Hale-Daly pattern analyser connected to no less than three (3) microphones, if one should malfunction a trained repair team consisting of Class D personnel will be sent to make the necessary repairs, due to the unpredictable and volatile nature of SCP-484 and the possible implementations of the item in [DATA EXPUNGED] it is deemed too hazardous to allow research personnel to enter the sphere, especially since Incident 484-1.
SCP-484 is also to be monitored by at least one member of Level 2 staff between 0830 and 1643 as this is when the emissions generally begin and end, respectively. There seems to be little deviation from this routine which began shortly after Agent ██████████ and several E-Class personnel retrieved SCP-███ from [DATA EXPUNGED. PERSONNEL WITH LEVEL 4 ACCESS SHOULD REFER TO DOCUMENT #055-3F FOR FURTHER INFORMATION. ANY PERSONNEL ATTEMPTING TO ACCESS LEVEL 4 DOCUMENTS PERTAINING TO SCP-███ WITHOUT SPECIFIED CLEARANCE WILL BE ASSIGNED TO CLASS-D DUTIES UNTIL TERMINATION. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED]
Any visions or hallucinations are to be recorded and logged before being sent to 2/484 cleared research teams.
Physical contact is not permitted unless authorised by Dr. Luton, a regulation AT-346P Hazardous Emissions Suit must be worn at all times inside the chamber, the participant must also undergo a series of mental and physical tests to ensure maximum safety inside the area of effect unless stated otherwise by any 2/484 research team.

Description: SCP-484 was found in 1984 five (5) kilometres outside of ███████, Poland in an abandoned barn under a stack of newspapers.
With the help and subsequent deaths of [DATA EXPUNGED] due to outside interference from SCP-███ previously referred to as [DATA EXPUNGED].
Later the object was retrieved and identified as a Fender FM212R Guitar Amplifier with the words [DATA EXPUNGED] crudely engraved into the right side of the external casing.
The object emanates a sound of softly played harps and flutes along with vivid images of a ‘tall, man in his late twenties’ with a ‘gaunt’ or ‘bony’ appearance; some witnesses stated that in his right hand he carried a book. The visions were always accompanied by feelings described as being of total contentment and a feeling of ‘one-ness with the world’ and would typically linger for three (3) to five (5) days before dissipating. The experience leaves test subjects dehydrated and tired for a short period, usually lasting no more than a day after which all subjects returned to their original states, there seem to be no adverse effects on the mind or body of any of the eight (8) initial Class-D test participants, all of whom willfully agreed to termination at the end of the trials with the exception of D-484-7 who attempted to remain with SCP-484 even when forcibly removed from the chamber. D-484-7 was eventually subdued and taken for analysis before routine termination.

The item seems to be putting more and more stress on the inner walls of the containment sphere. This anomalous behaviour seems to exacerbate when either SCP-███ or Agent ██████, who recently came into contact with an unknown material present within the cave systems in ████████, New Mexico whilst in pursuit of SCP-███. It is therefore possible that SCP-484 has some previously unknown reaction to radioactive and certain biological conditions. SCP-484 will undergo further testing to discover the extent of its unique properties.
A group of three (3) D-Class personnel were sent in to measure the effects of the anomaly on the human body. After thirty (30) minutes inside the sphere subjects appeared to only experience the previously documented effects, although one subject D-484-32 complained of stiffness in his lower spine and jaw.
After another fifteen (15) minutes D-484-32 became unable to move freely and was removed by the other participants. Subject experienced usual after-effects of SCP-484 after the stiffness wore off.
D-484-32 has requested to be let back into the containment sphere. His reason is as follows:
“I can’t stop dreaming about him, he’s there in my dreams [presumably referring to the gaunt man present in most visions] he’s calling to me. He wants to tell me something and I think it’s important.”

Document #305-H [Transcript of events dated ██/██/██, referred to as ‘Incident 484-1’ and subsequent analysis of corpse belonging previously to D-484-32.

[Recording playback - start]
PM – “I’m entering the chamber now, the readings are off the charts!”
PM – “It’s probably nothing, these things are always doing crazy stuff…”
PM – “Just remember what happened to Dr.█████████ with SCP-███ though, these things can just jump out at you with warning”
PM – *Beeps and clicks can be heard from an instrument, getting faster and faster*
PM – “Is everything alright in there ██████?”
PM – “Yeah, the detector is going crazy though, we’re I’m getting an average of 8.09 above the average… wait, I think it’s dropping. 7.54… 7.22…5.31 and relatively steady, it’s pretty much back to normal”
PM – “That thing had me worried for a second though, thought it might sprout tentacles or show you [DATA EXPUNGED]
PM – “No chance of that happening agai-
PM - *Voice is cut off abruptly by a deafening cacophony sounding similar to [DATA EXPUNGED] lasting approximately twelve (12) seconds*
PM - *several illegible and panicked voices fade into static for approximately thirty (30) seconds, it is still unknown whether the voices are of those present or or from an external source*
PM – “[D-484-32] are you there? What’s going on?!”
PM - *There is a popping sound made four (4) times, followed by a low whimper*
PM – “[D-484-32] say something!”
PM - *muffled cries of pain*
PM – “[D-484-32] what’s going on?!”
PM – *SCP-484 appears to begin emitting a series of high frequency beeps, getting deeper and deeper in pitch over a period of approximately ten (10) seconds*
PM - * D-484-32 can be heard falling to the ground, followed by the sound of gurgling and bones snapping violently*
[Recording playback - end]

Dr. Luton's Analysis:

The cause of this anomalous outburst is currently under investigation, although we are reluctant to probe too deeply for fear of Keter class repercussions. It is requested that this object be kept under observation for a two year period before returning to normal testing to ensure that we understand this anomalous amplifier to a greater extent. It is my opinion that SCP-484 may yet reveal who or what is creating these strange outbursts.

The corpse of D-484-32 was severely mutilated internally, the lungs, heart, bladder and stomach all seem to have filled with a noxious smelling liquid very similar in composition to both [DATA EXPUNGED]. The skeleton appears to have had all of its joints and sockets forcibly dislocated and twisted or turned to some degree, this is present upon every limb, even down the bones within the inner ear. The skin of D-484-32 is totally intact, a remarkable feat considering the angle to which some of these bones have been moved. Both the fibula and tibia of the left leg are inverted, that is to say, the bones have been turned upside down whilst still inside the body. The subject also seems to have suffered massive █████████ to the █████████ in excessive quantities.

All further testing on SCP-484 has been halted pending 2/484-9’s recent discovery of a small unidentified light blue rodent living inside SCP-484 classified as SCP-484-1.

SCP-484-1 appears docile and is able to be handled by researchers without aggressive responses, however any attempts to remove SCP-484-1 from SCP-484 have been met with death. To date 4 Class-D personnel have been killed due to either massive internal trauma or [DATA EXPUNGED]. It is unsure whether this rodent is the actual source of SCP-484’s behaviour or simply another anomaly thrown out by the item. Dr. ███████ theorised that SCP-484-1 may have been created by SCP-484 after 484-1 was apparently seen morphing with SCP-484.

Much to the dismay of research team 2/484, the item has vanished without a trace. After inspection the footage of SCP-484, it appears to flicker, much like a television does when losing its signal. This happens for exactly four (4) seconds between 04:30 and 04:34. After this it simply vanishes. Dr. ████████ who viewed the footage was quoted as saying:

"One second it was there and the next it wasn't. It was as if SCP-484 and SCP 484-1 just stopped existing completely! There is no telling where or when the items have been transported to."

As of ██/██/████ SCP 484 and SCP 484-1's whereabouts are still unknown. Presently the members of research team 2/484 are working with SCP-026 to relocate SCP-484 and SCP-484-1.

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