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Item #: SCP-488

Object Class: Safe/Euclid/Keter

Special Containment Procedures: 488 is housed in a room of approximately 10m x 11m, with the normal furnishes a bedroom would have. It is currently occupied by:

  • A small double bed
  • A bookshelf with Japanese graphic novels and DVD movies
  • A 25 inch flat screen television with basic television capabilities
  • A chest of drawers with a selection of clothes
  • A wardrobe with a different selection of clothes
  • And several computer gaming consoles with a wide selection of video games.

The room is painted in neutral colours and a single (reinforced) window lays on the northern most wall. It is made to give the impression that it is a normal room with no ulterior motives behind it. In reality, the walls are reinforced with 5ft high strength steel plates, the door (although wooden on the room side) is 0.3m (1ft) thick of ██████████████ and the window’s small reinforcing wires are wired to give 10,000 volts and 500 amperes once the glass is broken.
A self destruct mechanism is set to detonate if either the window, the wall or the door is breached.

Description: SCP-488 is a thin teenage male who appears to be of Mediterranean decent. Identification has shown that the subject is 19 years of age and in fact Mixed Asian, with dark brown hair and brown eyes. Standing at 1.75m (5ft,9in) tall and weighing in at approximately 72.57kg (160lbs), the male is of average weight and height of a healthy teenager of the same sex.
The subject appears to be of high intelligence, although has a low attention span, and more concerned with food or video games than contemplating his incarceration. Though he is free to leave his room on request (and permission) of one level 3 security cleared personnel, and escorted at all times by a staff of the same rank. In this time the subject is allowed highly supervised use of a personal computer with an internet connection for studying.
The reason 488 is contain is not for himself but alternate ‘personalities’ that inhabit him.
488 is aware of these personalities, regularly conversing with 488-1; although the subject becomes highly irritable when he can ‘hear’ 488-2.

SCP-488-1 is the second personality. The subject is much more calm, calculating and intelligent than SCP-488, speaking in a grammatically correct (as in free of abbreviations) as well as typing and writing in the same manner.
488-1 seems to be able to manifest itself within 488 whenever it pleases; although such processes often cause 488 and 488-1 to argue with one another as they are totally aware of each others presence, speaking vocally to one another in voices noticeably different.
Most notably, 488-1 seems to have a higher brain function than 488 when in control of the physical body; but also the subject has an increased body function; able to achieve much greater feats than 488, such as lifting heavier weights and running at faster speeds, but also an effective form of martial arts apparently designed by the subject himself.
Another note is that the subject seems to have no form of emotion.

Interviews with 488-1 always take place over a game of chess at the subjects request (although the subject has never lost any game of chess since apprehension, with staff members or sentient SCPs). The interviews with 488-1 seem to show that it is capable of problem solving far beyond comprehension, even terrestrial ones that most modern geniuses are currently struggling with. However, a noticeable drawback is that 488-1 refuses to answer unless it gets something in return, often hard to either gain or would breach security of the compound. Interests at meeting several SCPs have been noted, but denied, although chess games via electronics have been allowed with the more sentient SCPs such as ██████.
488-1 is also allowed the same privileges as 488, although shuns the use of video games or television and prefers to spend his time aiding staff with SCP research or personal research via books or computers.

The reason that 488’s room is so heavily guarded is due to the presence of 488-2.
When under great deals of stress, fear, physical damage or anger, 488-2 becomes the dominant personality of the body.
Though muscle mass does not increase, the subject has been recorded at lifting a sealing door (pressure nearing one tonne) with little strain, and sprinting at speeds approaching 60 miles an hour. The subject is incredibly vicious and blood thirsty, killing anything that is alive, sentient or no. Not only this, but regenerative capabilities that are dormant in the other personalities are put into place allowing massive damage to occur to the body before the subject is subdued. The only notable way to subdue the target in this stage is to incinerate the flesh (as drugs or poisons have no effect). Even if reduced to bone, as long as marrow is remaining the entire body regenerates within 48 hours, awaking with 488 as the dominant personality.

Whilst 488-3 seems to have ‘developed’ over time, both 488 and 488-1 claim that the subject has always been around, just unable to surface due to being immature (immature in the sense of being too young, rather than being child like).
Ironically, 488-3 seems to be very childlike in personality. This is a dangerous mix, as the subject has strength levels similar to 488-1; much stronger than any normal human. This amount of strength in a subject with an apparently young mental age has caused the destruction of several items, as well as injury to personnel.

488-3 has been referred to as ‘Crosse’ in name, and like the other personalities, prefers to be called by name than classification. Agitation is shown when addressed by number, and disastrous results have occurred in the past.

Possible termination or permanent incarceration was considered in response to the uncontrollability of 488-3, until Doctor ██████ found that the subject seemed to be ‘addicted’ to milk chocolate. Once finding this, the subject was much more easily controlled and can now be bribed with chocolate to do any task.

Subject also seems to have heightened senses. It has been observed sniffing the air when others are approaching, and standing completely motionless as if to listen to where they are coming from. It is hypothesised that the 488-3 maybe more primitive than its other sane counterparts, thus more inclined to act more animalistic.

Addendum 488/1: 488, 488-1 and 488-2 all seem to be unaware of psychic influences, apparently unable to hear or feel them. MRI scans show that all personalities have a different brain function to regular human beings, so speculations into whether this has granted a block to psychic contact have been theorised. Further testing is required.

Addendum 488-1/1: 488-1 was granted access to a limited list of SCPs. The Subject then speculated interest in meeting with SCP-007, SCP-030, SCP-076 and SCP-182 (the latter claiming ‘It would be fun to meet with a psychic when one cannot have his mind read).
The subject then went on to contemplate meetings between 488-2 and SCP-173, SCP-682, SCP-517 or even SCP-076 once again.

Addendum 488-1/1B:
<Begin Log, skip to 00h:10m:08s>
Dr. ██████: Interesting? Why’s that 488-1?
488-1: (audible growl) I have asked that you cease calling me that, if only in my presence.
Dr. ██████: Apologies, Nicholas. Why would a meeting between 488… I mean, Ubel, was it?
488-1: (audible sigh) Yes. Damien, Nicholas and Ubel. I am sure you would have written notes on at least our names if not anything else. Please remember in future, or I shall refuse any further cooperation with you.
Dr. ██████: Again, my sincerest apologies.
488-1: I believe it would be interesting, because I know what Ubel is capable of. And the concept of two organisms that are made to kill pitted together… Intrigues me. A fantastic display of power.
Dr. ██████: You never struck me as the type to be interested in violence, Nicholas.
488-1: It is not the violence that intrigues me. It is seeing how organisms live out what they had evolved to do.
<End Log>

Addendum 488/2: IQ tests were carried out on 488 and 488-1. 488 scored 140 IQ points, indicating Genius level intellect. Requests to further educate and use the subject as a full member of SCP research is pending.
488-1 scored far higher than anticipated, scoring 220 (maximum points given on the IQ test). Further research is required to fully understand how intelligent the subject is.

Addendum 488-1/2: Subject 488-1 was placed against Fritz, a German chess program which defeated the undisputed world champion, Vladimir Kramnik. The program lost against 488-1 within 36 minutes and 27 seconds. 488-1 went on to say it was the most challenging test since his apprehension at the centre.

Addendum 488-1/3: Abuse allegations from 488 were ignored. Agent █████████ was accused of striking 488 when he disobeyed direct orders. 488-1 then surfaced and promptly disabled Agent █████████ with little mercy; although Dr. ██████ managed to persuade the subject not to execute the Agent. Agent █████████ has been suspended following the investigation.
Warning put out to others not to cause harm to Subject 488 in case 488-2 is forced to become the dominant personality.

Addendum 488-1/4: Request to allow 488-1 to have direct contact and use of SCP-177 has been approved. Awaiting date.

Addendum 488/3: Put in lockdown for breaking Agent █████████'s arm. When asked, 488 replied he was 'bored'.
When questioned a few hours later, the subject seemed bemused and denied it ever occuring. Possible fourth personality has been suggested by Dr. ██████.

Addendum 488-1/5: 488-1 questioned on suspicious behaviour. The subject simply responded: “Well, that is something we shall all find out, will we not?”. Subject refused to answer further.

Addendum 488/4: 488 had another lapse. Two Agents were injured whilst trying to restrain the subject. Subject has now been dubbed 488-3. Further information pending.

Note 488-3/1:
Do not falsely bribe SCP-488-3 with chocolate, and not deliver. Agent Johnston was put in a critical condition after falsely promising to give the subject chocolate after completing a simple task.
No disciplinary action will be taken if this guideline is broken, but the Subject will cause severe damage to those who break it.

Addendum 488-3/2
Total lockdown triggered by the subject after escape attempt. Subject refuses to cooperate or answer questions to why. Incarceration for all subjects bar 488-1 is in effect.

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