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Item #: SCP-489

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-489 is currently contained within the mind of F█████ K██████, a D-class personnel convicted of murder in ████. Subject is exempt from end-of-the-month terminations so long as he serves as the host for SCP-489. Secondary subject R█████ E██████ is to be contained within the same quarters as a backup containment unit.

Primary and secondary subjects are to be kept within a 3m by 3m by 3m cell and provided normal provisions and amenities for D-class personnel. Subjects are to be kept handcuffed to each other at all times to maintain proximity to one another.

Primary subject is to be provided a regimen of stimulants, including but not limited to methamphetamines and caffeine, in order to ensure that he does not fall asleep. At the time of the writing of this report, primary subject has not undergone REM sleep in two years, three months, seventeen days, relying on short "microsleeps" to reset brain chemistry.

Description: SCP-489 is a cognitohazard that activates during REM sleep. The kill sequence takes place in four stages.

  • Stage 1: Subjects report vivid lucid dreams. The nature of these dreams changes, but always includes a shadowy figure, described as a humanoid with six wings, in the corner of one's vision.
  • Stage 2: Subjects report dream lucidity increases to the point where dream becomes indistinguishable from waking reality. Psychological effects become profound: patients will attempt extreme behavior in an attempt to "prove reality" to themselves. Shadowy figure becomes more prevalent, and includes a feeling of extreme dread.
  • Stage 3: Subject falls into coma. Nature of dreams uncertain, as no subjects who progress to this stage have ever successfully awakened. Analysis of brainwaves indicates increased adrenaline levels, and over-stimulation of the amygdala, the portion of the brain controlling fear and panic.
  • Stage 4: Subject dies, usually of heart attack. SCP-489 transfers to the nearest human being present at time of host's death.

Addendum: SCP-489 was first recovered from a Vietnamese man (Subject Alpha) who had gone for thirty years without REM sleep. Upon being administered a sedative, the subject immediately went into a coma and died 24 hours later, apparently of heart attack caused by extreme stress, similar to that of terror. Dr. ███████, the scientist in charge of the study (Subject Beta), immediately reported symptoms of insomnia and lucid dreams shortly after: he himself died two weeks later after falling into a coma. The infection then passed to his wife (Subject Gamma), who was the closest person at his bedside at time of death.

It was at this point that the anomalous demographics attracted the attention of the SCP Foundation. Subject Gamma was immediately taken into custody and placed under surveillance. Reports made by Subject Gamma provided the Foundation with a timeline of the kill component's progression.

As cognitohazards are rarely singular events, Foundation personnel are requested to monitor reports of long-term insomniacs, as they may be an indication of an instance of SCP-489 in progress.

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