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Recent photograph of SCP-490-1

Item #: SCP-490

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-490 is contained on site, its properties making it unsuitable for removal at the present time. Local access is authorised by the UK government for all personnel, with lodgings in village 1km from SCP-490. Lighthouse access and boat equipment is provided for all L3-4 personnel. Main containment procedure for SCP-490 is to continue current research programme. Secondary containment procedure is information handling viz. cover of marine scientists.

Description: SCP-490 consists of two WWII-era lighthouses at ██████ █████, UK. Designations are SCP-490-1 (east) and SCP-490-2 (west). Built in 1938 as part of a standard war preparation programme. Both lighthouses are exactly ██.04m above sea level and at exactly ██ ██°██'32.3?N latitude.

SCP-490-1 shows ability to "send" persons under severe duress at sea from its vicinity to an unknown location. Ability manifests itself at a radius of 0.8 to 1.1 km from SCP-490-1 at sea level only.
SCP-490-2 shows ability to "rescue" persons under severe duress at sea from an unknown vicinity. Ability manifests itself at a radius of 0.8 to 1.1 km from SCP-490-2 at sea level only. Vessels appear without warning in stated active locus of SCP-490-2.

Testing confirms that SCP-490-1 only manifests abilities when test subjects pray or appeal to god for help. Tests have proven positive with followers of all major world religions and some minor religious sects. Tests with agnostic or atheist subjects produce no result, even when subjects are instructed to appear to be praying or appealing to god.
All souls on board and vessel are always sent. It is not known whether vessels are sent to the same location each time. This is estimated to bring little damage to public safety as there are no reports of 490-D personnel reaching shores elsewhere.

490-1's first manifestation apparently occured sometime in the 1980s, as it is the subject of a semi-popular local folk tale. After hearing the story from a friend, Dr. █████████-█████ informed Site 19, recommending investigation. All subsequent manifestations confirmed from 1997-1999 during successful testing period. On-site presence was scaled back in 1999 and limited to surveillance and maintaining cover.

490-2 has manifested ability only once since containment, in 2006. Passengers were three Mexican men between the ages of 35 and 50, carrying no personal effects. None appeared to suffer serious side-effects from travel, besides confusion and mild religious euphoria, although one had been wounded by a gunshot to the arm. Passengers were initally uncooperative and attempted to escape several times, but later appeared to accept containment and were eventually transferred to Site 19 for training as Level 0 staff.

Addendum-01: "After negotiations between Dr. █████████-█████ (who remains convinced that SCP-490 is worthy of further investigation) and myself, the conclusion has been reached that investigations should not involve any conspicuous experiments on the lighthouse buildings. They are a major local landmark and even the presence of purported marine scientists continually disgruntles the locals. Clearance has been granted for a series of low-profile tests with Safe-level SCPs, under Dr. █████████-█████'s supervision, which are ongoing." -Dr. Klein

Document #409-00: Results of interaction with SCP-507

SCP-507 was relocated to site of SCP-490 and accommodated, with small security detail, in a campsite 300m from the lighthouses. SCP-507 was granted his requested choice of amenities, including comfortable bedding and several novels, and showed enthusiasm for the trip, calling it his "working holiday". In the case of experiencing a "shift" to a comparable thread, SCP-507 was to investigate the site of the lighthouse and report back, while avoiding personal harm. During the alloted two-month relocation, three shifts were experienced, and SCP-507 reported the following:

First shift: ██/██/2008
Duration: 16 minutes
SCP-507 arrived in what appeared to be dense tropic rainforest. While initially curious and excited, SCP-507 became nervous of audible wildlife and waited in the shade of a tree until the shift passed.

Second shift: ██/██/2008
Duration: 11 minutes
SCP-507 was extremely distressed after the shift and would not describe the location. Medical examination revealed severe sunburn to SCP-507's exposed skin areas, and some non-permanent damage to hearing. During his convalescence, SCP-507 repeatedly demanded to go "home" to recover, but was persuaded by Dr. █████████-█████ to stay for the rest of the trip's planned duration.

Third shift: ██/██/2008
Duration: 39 minutes
SCP-507 arrived in an area of landscape comparable to the site. The campsite and nearby village were absent, although from the clifftop a small primitive-seeming settlement further away was reportedly visible. Upon arriving at the site of SCP-490, SCP-507 observed two small cairns of stones at the previous locations of the lighthouses. In addition, short wooden piers were built at each, and dirt tracks led inland from both piers. SCP-507 decided not to investigate the cairns, and waited at his arrival area until the shift passed.

SCP-507 was transported back to his home facility during the ensuing two-week safe period. Dr. █████████-█████ was encouraged by his findings and has recommended that SCP-507 be given a small reward or stretch of enjoyable facility work.

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