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Item #: SCP-491

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-491 is to be constantly guarded by Task Force Kappa-8 (aka The Lifeguards) at all times. Any breach of security while Kappa-8 is on guard is to result in the termination of the trespassers, which is to be covered up under the guidelines in Directive ██, ‘The Devil in Plain Sight’. Once a week, a live mammal, preferably a pig, is to be thrown into the pool in which SCP-491 resides. It is important the feed is live, or SCP-491 will ignore it.

Description: SCP-491 resides in a public pool at █████ ██████ Leisure Centre, ██████, Southeast England. It is ██m by █m in length and width.

When a large mammal enters the pool, SCP-491 appears. Members of Kappa-8 have described as ‘tentacles from somewhere.’ To clarify, what appears to be a tentacle reaches up out of one of one of the many jets around the side of the pool, wrapping itself around the prey, and pulling it towards the side. Before the prey hits the side of the pool, an inky substance is expelled. When the substance clears, nothing is left of the prey. It is unknown if SCP-491 kills its prey via drowning, or constriction, or whether this substance is a chemical for quickly breaking down organic matter.

Addendum 491-01: Concerning Discovery
SCP-491 was brought to the Foundation’s attention in 19██, when two teenagers, ██████ █████ and █████ ██████, went for a swim after dark. How they got in and what exactly happened is unknown, but the caretaker found the girl the next morning, lying catatonic at the side of the pool.

One of the attending police officers was a SCP Operative, and called in the Foundation to investigate. A similar looking Class-D worker was terminated, and found later at the bottom of a local river, the girl terminated, recorded as suicide.

The swimming pool was closed due to health and safety hazards. The Local Council has promised a new one, to stop public outcry.

Addendum 491-02: Miscellaneous Notes

Kappa-8 has checked the pipes. It isn’t there. – Lt. ██████

It’s not intelligent, stop trying to communicate with it. – Dr. █████

Tentacle seen in on of the toilets when members of Kappa-8 were drowning a live rat. I’ve had to assure them that it won’t hurt them to sit on the toilet, just to stop them doing their business elsewhere. – Lt. ██████

OK, so draining the pool didn’t work. All those Class-D…poor bastards. Metal seems to block its senses, one can put on a diving suit and enter the pool safely. Blocking the gaps won’t allow the pool to reopen, as they are essential. - Dr. █████

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