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Item #: SCP-498

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-498 is to be kept in a magnetically and electrically-shielded locker, .25 meters cubed, at all times when not in use, and is to be kept inside an acid-free paper sleeve for protective purposes. SCP-498 is as fragile as any typical example of its type, and is to be handled delicately. Applications for monitored use may be filled out by any personnel of class ████ and above. A functional computer is kept outside SCP-498's locker for such a purpose.

Description: SCP-498 appears to be a standard 5 1/4 inch high-density floppy disk, capable of handling exactly 1,182,720 bytes of data. It is formatted for the obsolete CP/M operating system. A faded label on the disk reads "LARRY" in sharpie marker.

The disk contains a single 920 kilobyte executable file, which is a working artificial intelligence. It is capable of remembering previous conversations, and of basic logical thought. It is not known how SCP-498 stores data learned previously; the file does not change at all in size, does not store data within the computer, and cannot be opened by any means. All attempts at using any software to edit SCP-498 has met with failure, and in cases where the software was not designed specifically for use with CP/M, reformatting of the offending computer. SCP-498 has shown to be unaware of things that happen when it is not running, yet it is aware of each of these attempts. Recently SCP-498 was asked directly how its learning capacity functioned. It replied with "IT JUST DOES." This answer appears to be typical of its responses when dealing with technical topics.

SCP-498 has a wide breadth of knowledge, and can converse in three languages - English, French, and ██████. It does appear to have emotions, or to have been programmed for basic emotional response, and has been insulted whenever attempts have been made to read its programming without its consent.

Despite its unusually wide body of knowledge, SCP-498 appears to be unaware of the existence of other SCPs, and discussing them with it is forbidden.

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