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Item #: SCP-499

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-499 should be secured within vault 263 except during periods of study or application. SCP-499 must be dipped in hot wax and allowed to dry before being stored in a type-4 cardboard box clearly labeled with the words "dimensional hazard". Except during periods of study or application, SCP-499 is not to be touched directly by anyone. SCP-499 can be handled by people with no adverse effects if there is an interfering medium of at least 2 cm in thickness. Wax has proven to be a simple, yet effective method of sealing SCP-499. Security clearance of at least level 2 is required to gain access to SCP-499.

Description: SCP-499 has the shape of five compounded tetrahedrons and is composed entirely of elemental hydrogen. How SCP-499 is able to maintain a solid shape is still unknown; however, available data suggests that it is related to the trans-dimensional properties of the object.

Subject-93-0511-a was the first human to touch SCP-499 under the supervision of research team-035. Initial physical contact with the object had no noticeable effects; after prolonged exposure, Subject-93-0511-a started gesticulating wildly and speaking in an unidentifiable, apparently random language. When researchers attempted to speak to Subject-93-0511-a, subject showed only confusion.

Subject-93-0511's two children and spouse were recruited for further testing. Before touching the object, Subject-93-0511-b, c and d [Addendum: See note #499-47] were all able to communicate perfectly with researchers and unable to communicate with Subject-93-0511-a. After being exposed to the object, all three subjects began speaking in the same seemingly random language, but appeared to understand each other perfectly. Team-035 attempted multiple forms of communication with the subjects (sign language, binary communication, mathematical communication, gesture and artifacture, etc.) without success.

The language which the subjects speak is apparently random. Deep brain scans have shown that the Wernicke's and Broca's areas of subjects' brains exist in a state of dimensional flux, thus making communication with any normal human impossible. More subjects were sent in with instructions to write out the alphabet one hundred times immediately after touching SCP-499. In all trials, no two symbols written down by any given subject were ever the same.

While written language or anything based on written language were completely changed basic universal human body language seems to be not affected. Team-035 could tell when subjects were angry, confused, and a few other emotions. This was expanded when a subject was taught an emotion based language before touching SCP-499. After touching SCP-499, it too was seemingly random.

Note #499-47: It will be interesting to see how Subject-93-0511-c develops linguistically after her first birthday.

Note #499-65: The military has requested further research be done on SCP-499 as a tool to create an unbreakable code to be used by a number of 21st century "wind talkers".

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