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Item #: SCP-501

Object Class: Safe/Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-501 is to be kept in a locked room of 10 x 10 meters. It will be kept in a locked glass box, checked by one Level 2 security guard every half hour as a part of regular patrol. Although it is at this time considered safe for personnel of any level to enter the room, it is highly recommended that only Class D Personnel be allowed to handle SCP-501, and then only for testing purposes. Any personnel found in possession of SCP-501 are to be terminated. SCP-501 is currently in Containment Unit-11, until such time as it can be destroyed.

Description: SCP-501 appears to be a normal, if well-worn, dollar bill emblazoned with the logo from a popular website. Although it appears to be authentic currency in all regards, its serial number (█████████████████████████) is not currently in use. Furthermore, the weave of its fabric contains trace amounts of ██████, which indicates that it may have a connection with ████. Carbon dating suggests that SCP-501 is over two hundred years old, but the make and model of the bill suggest it was minted in the mid-seventies.

The stamp upon the bill is strange in and of itself, as no other form of marking seems to effect SCP-501—this has been tested with various pens, markers, pencils, and ink-based stamps. SCP-501 can be torn, burnt, or otherwise damaged, but rebuilds itself from the largest piece in several hours.

SCP-501 was originally found in the hands of █████████, who was living in ███, Ohio. Perhaps as an effect of SCP-501, he was homeless and dying of malnutrition at the time. Agent ████ stumbled across it while on leave; at this time it is unknown if this was an effect of SCP-501's probability-altering effects or simple chance.

To the best of our knowledge, SCP-501 appears to repel wealth. When picked up by someone, it "binds" itself to that person, often turning up despite efforts to get rid of or destroy it. The "owner" of SCP-501 will quickly find that all material wealth quickly disappears mysteriously, followed by other misfortunes—bank account passwords changing, cars stolen, car keys lost, etc. The time it takes for this to happen seems to vary depending on █████. At this time, SCP-501 seems to only change hands when the current owner either dies, or has no other belongings.

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