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Item #: SCP-505

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-505 is currently held at Site-██ with all standard Keter-level storage procedures. SCP-505 is to be kept in an open space such that it can be put in a frame of the appropriate size and giving it complete freedom to swing it on its hinges ninety degrees. SCP-505 must be kept in a frame or it will replace the nearest door to it connecting to another open area. The frame can be made of any material suitable for SCP-505's size and shape. The room containing SCP-505 is to be kept locked to prevent unauthorized entry to the containment room. Only class D personnel are to allowed come in to contact with SCP-505 and only during research authorized by Site-██ administrator. Class D that have come into contact with SCP-505 must be kept in isolation room adjacent to SCP-505's. It is imperative that they be kept close to SCP-505 after contact, to prevent SCP-505 from violating containment as happened on ██/██/20██ described in Incident Report-02, 04 and 05.

Description: SCP-505 is a white door coated in aluminum with a wooden core. Its door handle is silver and shaped like a human hand reaching out to shake hands. SCP-505's hinges are steel and seem to be permanently affixed to the door. When the door was first discovered it had the number 986 indented into it. The hinges have two holes for 0.64cm (0.25in) circumference screws, and can be fitted to any door frame of the appropriate size capable of holding its weight. If SCP-505 is not in a frame it will replace the nearest door of appropriate size to it by means that are not apparent at this time. SCP-505 is able to regenerate itself; minor damage such as scratches slowly regenerate over time.
When SCP-505 "replaces" a door it emits some sort of electromagnetic interference, disabling electronic equipment. It also appears to cause some sort of psychic interference as Class D personnel witnessing SCP-505 replacing another door report not being able to remember what had occurred. SCP-505 can change its size to match that of the door which was previously in the frame, though there are limits as to how much. However, it does not appear to have limitations on how far it can travel to find a frame.

Limitations are as follows:
-Door frame must be for a single hinged door.
-The frame it is in must have room for it to fully open or SCP-505 will find a new frame.
-SCP-505 will only replace another door if it is stationary.

SCP-505 was first discovered on ██/██/20██ in ██████████. At the time it was attached to an abandoned house and was brought to the organization's attention due to local superstitions concerning the door. The superstition was reported as follows by a local "Voodoo" practitioner but the dialect has been edited to standard English. "The door used to belong to belong to a plantation house. The lord of the plantation was a wicked man and didn't want any of his slaves to come in his house, so he made a white door that would only let white folks in it. You see the door just won't open for anyone else. No matter how hard a colored man tries he won't able to open that door, but a white man can open it like it's just another door…" The foundation then sent investigators, though most were doubtful that this claim would have any basis in reality. Soon after supervised investigators reported back that the door did in fact seem to only allow Caucasians to open and enter it. The investigator reported that "the door appears to be racist." SCP-505 was transported to Research Site-██ and researchers began analysis of the object. After one month researchers gave SCP-505 a safe classification as it seemed to be harmless.

Note from Administrator ██████
Dr. ████████ has expressed interest in SCP-505 and has taken over as the research leader. Research Site-██ is a relatively small facility designed for Safe SCP and this is the most interesting thing they have received in a while. During Dr. ████████'s psychological evaluation, it was noted that he seems to be quite racist. He has expressed that he will "tolerate non-white staff" but he does dislike working with them. Thus far no problems have arisen but his interest in SCP-505 may go deeper then his scientific curiosity. Dr. ████████ comes into direct contact with SCP-505 regularly. He seems to have developed an affection for it and has even jokingly suggested that he should have it set up as the door to his office.

Addendum 505-01: It seems that SCP-505 will only allow Caucasian people to open and enter it. It seems to have no preference for animals other then human. If a non-Caucasian person attempts to open SCP-505 it will seem locked. Attempts to gain entry through force have been futile. It is possible one could damage SCP-505 to gain entry, but we have been reluctant to risk severe damage to it thus far. If a non-Caucasian person attempts to gain entry after a Caucasian has opened the door it will shut violently. It seems more oriented toward keeping non-Caucasians out then it does letting Caucasians in.

Addendum 505-02: Experiments of the limitations on SCP-505's ability have been suspended due to the fact that it replaced a door not on-site during an experiment to check its range. The door that researchers had intended it to replace seems to have been inadequate and it took days to relocate it within an abandoned cabin outside of the facility.

Addendum 505-03: Approximately two months after SCP-505 was brought to Research Site-██ the numbers indented on the front of it changed. It is unclear how this occurred as the same interference occurred as when SCP-505 replaces another door. The number indented on the front of the door now reads a 987. Logs relating to recent experiments showed nothing of note had occurred to it recently.

Addendum 505-04: Dr. ████████ set up an experiment to see if the door can be fooled. Non-Caucasian Class-D personnel were disguised to appear Caucasian. The Class-D personnel approached the door and successfully opened it. As the Class-D attempted to enter, the door slammed shut on his arm, breaking it. It repeated this again at which point he fell back. The door continued to open and slam for approximately five minutes then ceased. Dr. ████████ was pleased with the outcome of the experiment.

Addendum 505-04: One month after the initial change of the indented number on SCP-505 it increased again. The number appears to be increasing at seemingly random intervals. Additionally, a suggestion from Dr. ████████ that we remove the skin of two non-Caucasian personnel and attempt to move them through the door was denied by the site administrator. "There is a limit to what I will allow in the name of science." were the only words accompanying the rejection.

Addendum 505-5: It has come to the attention of the research administrator that two of the three investigators originally sent to investigate SCP-505 have died. In addition several of the researchers that were assigned to SCP-505 have also died of various causes, two of which were violently murdered with no probable suspects. It has been noted that all are Caucasian and all had come in to direct contact with SCP-505. Dr. ████████ is expressing particular concern as research has been suspended.

Addendum 505-6: SCP-505 has been reclassified as Keter class due to recent events. On ██/██/20██ Dr. ████████ disappeared during a prolonged period of interference from SCP-505. It has become clear that some elusive entity exists within SCP-505 and has been the cause of all the deaths. We have concluded this from the bloody footprints in Dr. ████████'s office that lead back to SCP-505. Blood and tissue belonging to Dr. ████████ were found in his office along with signs of struggle. An investigation has been planned by the site administrator.

Addendum 505-7: SCP-505 has been moved to Site-██ for Keter-level containment research has been cancelled indefinitely. All staff that entered it died approximately three months afterwards. Staff that opened it and did not walk through, remain unharmed. Upon investigation, it was discovered that the number indented on the front of SCP-505 increased on the same date and in the same amount as the deaths. With the final death the number appears to have rolled over back to 001. The size of the footprints leading out of Dr. ████████'s office back to SCP-505 measured 40.64cm (16in) and were similar to that of a human foot but with a much higher arch.

Note from Administrator ██████
This should be a lesson for us here at Research Site-██, that though we are designed to handle SCPs classified as safe we must be vigilant in our research to ensure there are no hidden dangers. We can also learn a lesson from the conduct of Dr. ████████. It is dangerous to become personally involved with an SCP of any type. His affection for what the staff still seems to want to call the "racist door" was returned with sadistic rage. In my personal opinion this door seems to indeed be racist. It is a humbling reminder however that Caucasian are a race like any other and can receive the same predijuces. There is no telling how many people SCP-505 has killed as it seems to go back to 001 after it passes 999. Let's hope that number doesn't increase again. I have rewritten the protocol for dealing with SCPs in light of this event, and I expect you all to review the new procedure in Document #505-M.

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