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Item #: SCP-506

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Item is to be kept away from human contact at all times. In case of necessary manipulation, protective gear is to be worn by staff in order to remain unaffected by SCP-506. Item is currently located in the laboratory of Site ██ for experimentation purposes.

Description: SCP-506 is the result of experimentation with SCP-914, after a block of SCP-148 of 0.4 cubic meters in volume was inserted and processed in the 1:1 setting. Amount of material on-hand is of 1.2 cubic meters at the time of writing.

SCP-506 is a metallic alloy of unknown composition (Analysis on item were unconclusive, which suggests that the materials that form SCP-506 cannot be found on Earth), with a light-red color. Melting point is at 700ºC, evaporation point at 1400ºC, and density is of █,███/cm3.

SCP-506, when being in contact with a sentient human being, will instantly inhibit all senses, speech, and motor functions of the subject for a period of exactly 30 (Thirty) minutes, plus the ammount of time that the Item was in contact with aforementioned subject (For example, if subject had SCP-506 in contact for five seconds, item's effects would last thirty minutes and five seconds). Subjects reported a feeling of 'being nowhere and stuck in their own minds', as they couldn't feel, smell, see, move, nor speak during the time under the effects of SCP-506. This can also lead to strong hallucinations caused by the subject's mental state, which, according to the affected subjects, are akin to very strong effects of consumption of Lysergic Acid.

Subjects that were under the effect of SCP-506 may end up in death, caused by their mental state after experiencing the previously mentioned inhibitions. Situations include: Cardiac arrest, suicide, and [DATA EXPUNGED].

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