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The cover of SCP-508

Item #: SCP-508

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-508 is to be kept in a locked .3 m x .3 m x .3m transparent shatter resistant glass box at Sector 25. SCP-508 is only to be removed from the box after permission is obtained from a Level-4 Security personnel. Should any personnel utilize SCP-508 without authorization, they are to be detained and interrogated as to their purpose. Depending on their purpose and information gathered, they are to be either be administered a mild amnesiac or terminated. Any D-Class personnel involved in such an incident are to be terminated immediately.

Description: SCP-508 resembles a small blue paperback book with part of the cover missing. No title is present on the cover or spine. Upon opening, there is no printed text until the reader turns 5 blank pages. After doing so, the book will display a table of contents, with the reader's name as a title and each chapter being a number, representing a year of that person's life. If SCP-508 is opened to a random page before reading the table of contents, the page will appear blank. Turning to a chapter after reading the table of contents will display a completely accurate history of that person's life relevant to that year. This may include information unknown to the reader. There is also an appendix that details the reader's genealogy back ten generations.

Anyone not reading the book will only see blank pages, even if the reader is in the process of reading. Attempts to record the book with photographs and cameras have resulted in shots of a blank book.

SCP-508 was obtained after a man from ██████████████, England, attempted to murder his neighbor. During the court proceedings, the man claimed his neighbor slept with his wife, using SCP-508 as proof. However, due to the nature of SCP-508, no other person was able to read this information. The Foundation was able to obtain in the book in exchange for proving the man innocent on an insanity plea.

Addendum: After Incident-508-A (see attached report), no staff are allowed to read SCP-508 for research into their past. The fact that Agent ███████ had ████████ed Agent ███████ in the past was an unfortunate coincidence, but one that should not be allowed to happen again. The likelihood of such a connection between D-Class personnel, due to their history, is even more likely.

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