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What could be considered a picture of SCP-509 at the power relay station where it was found

Item #: SCP-509

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-509 is to be kept in a 10x10x4 meter room that has been completely stripped of all conductive materials, excluding the containment cable and authorized testing equipment. All of the room's surfaces are to be covered with a 1 foot thick non-conductive porcelain casting. The containment cable is to be a 9.4 meter long aluminum cable that is 5 cm thick. The cable is to be suspended 2 meters above the floor in a circle by glass suspension rods. Personnel working with SCP-509 are not required to wear insulating suits, although it is required that all conductive materials be removed. SCP-509 is to be hooked up to 1 fully charged 12-Volt car battery, for "feeding," once a day.

Description: SCP-509 is what can only be described as a living electric life form. The SCP was found in a condemned power relay station in ████████ , ████████ after the SCP foundation heard of reports of several members of a demolition crew being rendered unconscious via electrical discharges from said relay, despite all power to the relay having been shut off.

After the foundation secured the site, SCP-509 was moved to Sector-07 by coaxing it into a large coil of metal cable. SCP-509 was lured in by use of a generator to supply a charge to the wire via the suggestion of Dr. ████████ ████████. Previous attempts had been made to force the SCP to enter the cable via destruction of the relay, but they simply resulted in the electrocution of the D-class personnel assigned to destroy it. All protective suits and gear worn simply had holes burned through them. Surprisingly, no D-Class personnel were killed, only rendered unconscious.

Test Log:
(██,██,████) Dr. ████████ ████████: Testing indicates that it can indeed observe its surroundings, despite its seeming lack of any means to do so, and is at least semi-sentient. I confirmed that while attempting to do a voltage test, when it kept rendering the D-class personnel administering the test unconscious. I eventually ordered the personnel to administer the test to themselves first, and then to SCP-509. This proved to be successful. After administering the test to themselves, the SCP allowed itself to be tested without trouble.

(██,██,████) Dr. ████████ ████████: SCP-509 sits at roughly 1250v. Further testing showed that, while SCP-509 maintained a voltage of 1250v, it did not inhabit all of the cable at one time, as other sections of the cable measured 0v.

(██,██,████) Dr. ██████████ ██████: Attempts made to communicate with SCP-509 have thus far proved unsuccessful. Attempts to hook the SCP up to a laptop only ended with the laptop being completely fried and left with a dead battery. Tests done with a high voltage oscilloscope, while not helpful as any means of communication, did show that the SCP is oscillating at around 50,000 Hz, although the amplitude varies. As to what this entails, I can't say.

(██,██,████) Dr. ████████ ████████: SCP-509 seems to feed on power, which is not at all surprising. After giving it no access to any outside source of electrons for a week, it inhabited only 80% of the portion of Cable it was previously shown to inhabit. After giving it access to car batteries, it grew in size to about 110% of what it had been before. It did not care to "feed" on any more batteries after this mass was achieved.

(██,██,████) Dr. ████████ ████████: I've downgraded SCP-509 from Euclid to Safe. It has never done any real damage to anyone, and seems to only render people unconscious when it feels threatened.

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