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Item #: SCP-509

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-509 is to be contained in a secured room with soundproof walls. SCP-509 is not to be taken from the room at any time, and it is not to be activated except during tests. Personnel attempting to remove or activate SCP-509 will be immediately terminated. If SCP-509 is activated outside its room, all personnel must immediately begin Evacuation Procedure 267.

Description: SCP-509 is a small object that closely resembles a smoke detector. It does not appear to have any normal means of power supply, such as a power cord or place to put batteries, so how it is able to run is currently unknown.

When activated, SCP-509 will emit a loud, whining sound that can be heard from up to 50 feet away. When an animal hears this sound, they go into a frenzy and attempt to attack any nearby humans. The effects only last for a couple of days, and the animal returns to normal with no noticable side effects. Humanoids exposed to 509 are not affected as badly, but are noticably angrier and more paranoid when in the presence of 509.

More disturbing is how effective this object is on non-sentient SCPs. Tests involving SCP-1007, SCP-806, SCP-682, and most other non-sentient SCPs have ended in disaster. When a non-sentient SCP is exposed to SCP-509, the insanity appears to amplify, and the effects wear off after a period of no less than three weeks. Sentient SCPs are not affected by 509, merely noting that "(the sound) is really god damned annoying".

Addendum: "I don't know whos bright idea it was to introduce this thing to 408, but now the third wing of the second floor is covered in damn butterflies, and we can't get through. When I find out who did this, I will personally instate a new test: how long can a human last in a wrestling match against 682?" - O5-█

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