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The viral form of SCP-511

Item #: SCP-511

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-511-A is to be kept within Isolated Storage ██ at Site 33 and should only be removed for research purposes.
All personnel infected by SCP-511 should adhere strictly to the guidelines laid out in the pamphlet entitled "Syphulzn and you; a guide to continued living." Additionally, all visitors to Site 33 must be subjected to pertaining decontamination procedures before physically interacting with any on-site staff.

Description: SCP-511 is a non-organic virus transmitted via touch. If an infected organism remains out of contact with other living organisms for a period of roughly 34 hours (time period varies with host's body mass), viral organisms will increase in size or population density rapidly, causing extreme tissue damage. An outbreak of large organisms causes heavy lacerations to muscle and nerve tissue, and internal organs. An outbreak of small organisms generally results in systemic organ failure and exsanguination from multiple wounds. Death is almost inevitable; see file [REDACTED] for detailed survivor accounts.

Contact with other infected organisms appears to reinforce viral-511s sense of well-being, insofar as it has one. It is postulated that viral-511 has the innate ability to read the low-level magnetic fields radiated by organic life-forms, and the absence of these fields increases viral-511s survival instinct, causing it to either cannibalise its host body in mass replication, or causing cannibalisation in the replication of massive variations of itself.

Provided previously-mentioned guidelines are followed, infection yields no negative results other than the receipt of unexplainable scratches and cuts across the surface of the host, and whilst these may become increasingly common, the self-repair mechanism of organic tissue can heal these well enough on its own.
Interestingly, all organic forms of life seem able to be infected, with the exception of insects and fungi.

Addendum 9-3-9; History: SCP-511 was first encountered in [LOCATION OMITTED], 19██ after notable hiker and explorer, █████ ███████, became separated from his party and subsequently went missing. Upon the local authorities launching a preliminary search of the immediate area, his corpse was found in a cavern system approx three miles due south-west. The official cause of death remains inconclusive, when in truth it would appear to be autonomous cannibalisation by SCP-511s viral state.
Also of note is the construction hereafter referred to as 511-A, resembling a damaged mechanical ursine creature; specifically Ursus maritimus, or polar bear. 511-A seems to be constructed of macro-scale versions of individual SCP-511 viral organisms, with the notable exception of being susceptible to most vulnerabilities of common metallic compounds, specifically oxidation, or rusting. 511-A lunged at the nearest member of the search team approaching its location, deeply wounding her left forearm, before entering an inactive state which has persisted.
The aforementioned wounded, Joanna Miller, was placed into preliminary quarantine for approx. 31 hours at which time screams and tearing sounds were heard. Upon entering quarantine, Ms Miller was found heavily lacerated by a number of instances of SCP-511's viral form, which had increased in size considerably. An agent working within the hospital contacted the Foundation, a cover story of a murderer wielding a scalpel was disseminated and all instances of contamination were either destroyed or transported to [LOCATION OMITTED], later to be transferred to Site 33.

Additional: Officially 511-A is to be considered 'dead', but care must be taken during routine maintenance and diagnosis not to injure oneself on any exposed sharp edges, of which there are many. Following intial testing of 511-A it has been determined that it still maintains an active strain of the virus. Infection from the source is invariably lethal.

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