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SCP-518, as pictured before damage.

Item #: SCP-518

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-518-1 has no apparent dangerous qualities; thus, it is kept in a padded secure box with SCP-518-2 and SCP-518-3's remains. SCP-518-3, additionally, should be kept in an airtight container when not being analyzed.

SCP-518's current storage locker is located at Sector 25, room ███. Personnel with at least Security Level 1 clearance are permitted to handle SCP-518, though it is strongly suggested that at least two Level 2 personnel is on hand for oversight as well as theft and/or damage prevention.

Description: SCP-518 is a slate sculpture of a stylized human hand, approximately 0.5 meters tall. Its “pinky” finger (SCP-518-2) and a large part of its base (SCP-518-3) have been broken off. It matches no known culture design. Its index finger is pointed normal to the earth, and its total mass is approximately 50 kg. It appears to have been painted blue.

SCP-518 is completely unaffected by torque applied to rotate it in any direction. Though it appears to be easily transported via translation from one point to another on earth, all attempts to turn the hand away from its up-down or its north-south orientation (“thumb” pointing north, “pinky” pointing south) has met with failure, though following the results of Experiment 518-B, it is no longer advised to attempt. Additionally, SCP-518-2 (and SCP-518-3, before its termination, see Experiment 518-E) have been noted to share this common quality, even when separated by great distances. They seem to be independent of each other, though they “stand” at an odd angle, reminiscent of where they would were they still attached to SCP-518-1.

Experiments with SCP-518 have suggested that it may be a compass of some sort, as it retains alignment with the magnetic poles of Earth regardless of planetary position. It has been suggested that SCP-518's forefinger is positioned parallel to the geographic center of Earth.

SCP-518 was discovered during an investigation of the online sale on ████ █, ████ of a “Hand of the Orient." The owner of the “Hand” reported that he had found it when hiking in ████ █████████ Park, and transported it back to his home. The damage of SCP-518-2 apparently happened at this point, as the owner reported that it had “spun by itself” when he turned his vehicle, and caused minor damage to his truck. After acquisition, the owner was administered an amnesiac, and the park’s facilitators were contacted. The park's administration has reportedly never dealt with such an object.

Abstract of Experiment 518-B

SCP-518 was secured on a pair of vises, each on either side of the base and opposite to one another. The vises were then activated, in an attempt to force SCP-518-1 to change its orientation. After 1000 N of force was applied, translational forces caused its base (SCP-518-3) to break off of SCP-518. Experimentation was immediately discontinued.

Abstract of Experiment 518-E

SCP-518-3 was transported to Site-██ to determine results of its transportation through SCP-249. When part of the SCP passed through the door, it immediately tore itself into a gaseous cloud that settled on the floor outside the door. Analysis of SCP-518-3's remains revealed that they still retained the original SCP-518's unique characteristics.

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