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Item #: SCP-520

Object Class: [Class being considered for an upgrade to Keter; See Document #520-█]

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-520 is to at all times be kept inside a small locked safe, the combination of which is to be changed every 12 hours. The safe does not require to be made of any specific metal, though one with deadening properties such as lead would prove useful.

Only one Class D subject may enter the containment chamber of SCP-520 at one time, unless specified by General ██████████ █████████████, or O5-█. The subject must wear sound-canceling headphones at all times while in the room with the SCP. If SCP-520 is to be opened, the door to the containment cell must be sealed completely, and the audio-visual recording equipment is turned off. Only written notes are to be taken, preferably on a pre-approved legal size pad with black ink.

After examination and/or testing of the item is complete, it is to be replaced into its box, which is then to be placed in the safe, and the safe locked. The subject who was exposed to the item must undergo a pat-down search of their persons, to prove they are not attempting to bring the item with them. [Mandated ██/13/20█3; See Document #520-B] Anyone refusing a full cavity search pending possible infection is to be terminated immediately, with no warning. After the physical examination, the subject will be asked a set of questions, gauging if they have mentally been influenced by SCP-520. The questions are to be changed every 10.5 hours, to prevent memorization by repeat visitors to the item. As with the searches, if the subject refuses, they are to be terminated with no warning. After testing, the subject will be kept in a containment cell for no less than 24 hours to assure no contamination has occurred.

Signs of infection are increased heart rate, extreme increase of gambling and competitive tendencies, and a compulsion to act as if they are holding a deck of cards at all times.

In the case that SCP-520 be exposed to the populace, or be taken from the containment room by anyone below O5-X ranking, the site must be locked down, and the item located by a squad of no less than 11, but no more than 15, which is then to be destroyed by incineration in the same furnace used for SCP-████.

Description: Now located in Sector 19, the item was found in [DATA EXPUNGED] by Agent █████████, the item was taken it to custody, and the current owner terminated due to threats of violence. It seems the item had been passed around extensively, including such well known people as Abraham Lincoln, Harry Houdini, Dai Vernon, ████████ ████, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Adolf Hitler, and ███████ ██████████.

SCP-520 is a seemingly regular deck of 53 red-backed Bicycle playing cards (A full 54 card deck including two Jokers, though during capture of the item, one card, the Three of Clubs, was destroyed). However, upon further examination, the pack is seemingly centuries old, made of a material that seems to be very thin animal hide. The deck seems to lure subjects visually, and through some sort of mental link with the deck. The link is not telepathic however, as the sound canceling headphones prevent this. The deck's enticing effects are strengthened tenfold if the cards are heard being shuffled, or 'snapping' as they are dealt.

Anyone who finds and begins using the deck has the apparent ability to choose, by unknown mental processes, the cards they, or whoever is charged with dealing the cards, are dealing, regardless of the state of the deck, even if the cards are removed from the deck and held separately. This was proven most useful in high stakes games, and in displays by illusionists.

However, after use of the deck for approximately 52 hours, the effect works in just the opposite way. Any card wished to be dealt will be dealt the the person who the user most wishes to lose. After this 52 hour period, the loser of the games is often highly enraged, and as shown in previous uses, the results are normally very detrimental for the original user. Shortly after the 52 hour period, the deck seems to vanish from their possession, and somehow finds it's way to the loser of the game's possession, where the process is repeated.

As shown in the case of Class D Subject D-0184-███, the deck must be kept away from [DATA EXPUNGED].

Addendum: Those with Level 2 Security Clearance should see documents #520-B.

Document #520-A: Use of SCP-520 by ███████████ ███████████████


Document #520-B: Case Log of Class D Subject D-1942-65█

The subject entered the room as instructed, and followed all procedures. However, the subject accidentally dislocated his headphones, and proceeded to take notes, and shuffle the cards. Hearing the sound, the subject became infected. Screams were heard from the outside of the room, and Agent █████████ entered to prepare for termination of the subject, and possible recapture of the SCP if necessary. Upon entering, the guard was assaulted by D-1942-65█, and lost his weapon to his attacker. He was held at gunpoint and forced to play a game with the deck. The test subject won the next three games, and then turned the weapon on himself. Now under the influence of the item, Agent █████████ sealed the envelope, which only contained the card box, the cards hidden inside the Agent's vest. The Agent then challenged an O5-█ operative to a game, which he accepted, not knowing of the deck. Halfway through the game, Agent █████████ was terminated by a small scale security force, realizing he had stolen the SCP. Had the game been finished, the results could have been catastrophic.

Further testing on the item has been delayed by Dr. █████, stating "There seems to be little to gain from this SCP, especially when items such as SCP-███ and SCP-████ have such potential gain, to all sectors of human life and society."

Notice #520-4a: Testing of item SCP-520 has been re-initiated by Dr. █████, for reasons unknown. Research involving this SCP and SCP-777 is to begin immediately, as per his orders.

"I suggest we assign a staff member or two to keep tabs on the good doctor at all times. After his previous views on the SCP, I want to see where he's taking this." - O5-█

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