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Recent photo of SCP-526

Item #: SCP-526

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Subject is to be kept in a small (2mx2m) room containing a window to the outside. Subject is to be watered every two weeks and given fresh soil every three. Subject has been permitted a small cd player and a selection of music. CDs are to be changed at subject's request on watering day. Subject is permitted an hour of leisure time per day in employee break room 3-A on site ███████

Description: Subject is a small cactus of the genus Gymnocalycium denudatum contained within a small, non-descript planter. Subject was discovered among a shipment of assorted plants order for decoration of the employee lounges of sector ██

SCP-526 is sapient and has the ability to telepathically communicate within a four meter range. Subject show's mild esper potential and, as such, is to be kept isolated from personnel of security clearance level 2 or over. Subject appears to possess sight and hearing though these may be effects of its psychic abilities. Subject is otherwise a normal houseplant.

Subject is friendly and social and shows great interest in communicating with on-site personnel. As subject poses no threat to itself or others it has been permitted to spend time in the employee break room. On-site personnel seem fond of SCP-526 and have dubbed it "Fred the Cactus", a name which SCP-526 seems to enjoy.

A request is currently pending approval to use SCP-526 to communicate with several non-verbal SCPs.

Document #149-2: Interview with SCP-526 (21 of 45)

Researcher: 526, I would like to ask about your time before your arrival at our facility
SCP-526: Okay, what do you want to know?
Researcher: First of all I would like to know how long you've possessed your telepathic abilities
SCP-526: As long as I can remember, I guess
Researcher: How long can you remember?
SCP-526: Iunno
Researcher: What is your earliest memory
SCP-526: Living in the greenhouse, I suppose. There were a lot of other plants there.
Researcher: Did you enjoy living there?
SCP-526: It was alright, the other plants weren't very good company
Researcher: Were you able to communicate with them?
SCP-526: Sort of, I could talk to them okay, but they didn't have much to say
Researcher: Why do you suppose that was?
SCP-526: Well, just between you and me, I think they were a little slow.

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