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"Origin point" of SCP-527's Area of Effect

Item #: SCP-527

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-527 is to remain suspended by a 0.3m thick line of carbon nanofiber in the center of a room of dimensions no less than 35m x 35m x 35m. This room is to be constantly monitored, and any damage done by the Area of Effect is to be repaired as soon as possible. The suspension cable is to be replaced bi-weekly, or immediately should the line’s structural integrity be compromised beyond 60%.

Any testing done within the Area of Effect must be done via remote means. Any items entering the Area of Effect must be approved by Site Command. Any staff attempting to enter the Area of Effect are to be immediately restrained and removed. Staff or other personnel entering the Area of Effect are not to be recovered, with the exception of any tissue samples needed for testing.

No adequate form of shielding has been found to block or reduce the damage from the Area of Effect emitted by SCP-527. Any recordings from within the area are to be remanded to [DATA EXPUNGED]

Description: SCP-527 appears to be a small wooden “Alphabet Block.” It is painted primarily yellow, with the letter “G” and several pictures on each of the sides. SCP-527 has shown no remarkable physical properties, aside from a higher-than-average concentration of lead in the paint. SCP-527 shows a high amount of wear with several unidentified teeth marks, presumably made by children.

SCP-527 emits what has been called an “Area of Effect,” taking the shape of a sphere with, on average, a 3 m radius. This sphere is subject to unpredictable and varied changes in size, up to 25 m in radius. These changes are totally random, and will extend the Area through any solid, liquid, or gas without any reduction in effect. In addition, SCP-527 will “project” small, 2 m radius “bubbles” of the Area of Effect to random locations within a 1 kilometer radius around SCP-527. These persist for thirty seconds before vanishing, and are infrequent.

Loving Arms daycare center after Event 000-1, Agent ████ observing.

The “Area of Effect” appears to be some form of dimensional anomaly. Any items within the Area are subjected to constant damage, described as violent laceration and mutilation. This action is strong and violent enough to reduce concrete to dust in approximately fifty seconds. Its effect on living tissue has been described as “a thousand invisible chainsaws, ripping and tearing everything.” Recording within the Area is extremely difficult. All current efforts at video capture have shown that [DATA EXPUNGED]

The Area emanating from SCP-527 will fill any hollow space, as first observed by armored staff attempting to enter the Area only to find several organs and other body cavities filled with the effect. SCP-527 was originally recovered in the Loving Arms daycare center in ████████, after [DATA EXPUNGED]. Press control was the most major issue after containment and evaluation of SCP-527, and required complex action on behalf of Agents for many of the victims’ parents.

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