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Item #: SCP-528

Object Class: Keter

Clearance: D or O5-4 only!

Description: A small vial of blood found in a mental hospital in [EXPUNGED] after uncovering information on its whereabouts. The whereabouts were uncovered when Agent ID 2416 was hunting down information leaked about SCP-173 on a website called At first indication that such a horrible truth could actually exist we first sent out an undercover operative [AGENT ID EXPUNGED] to test the theory presented in an anonymous user's post. The hospital personnel directed our operative to a flight of stairs after calling a number we have determined as [EXPUNGED] from the phone records obtained. As soon as the operative was in place, a full scale infiltration was called in. Everyone in the mental hospital was terminated, and the alleged "Holder of Wrath" was shot between the eyes after securing SCP-528. After evacuation the hospital was burned to the ground and the media was disarmed with the story of an electrical fire. According to the recommendations that the 'Objects' 'must never come together', SCP-528 was moved to Site 62. SCP-528 and the other SCPs are undergoing testing to determine if the SCPs currently contained are 'Objects'. Further tests are being conducted to determine the end result of the objects 'coming together.' According to unofficial records there are 538 of these items, but with one in our possession the possibility of them coming together is less than 1%.

Special Containment Protocol: After the "holder" had been terminated, the blood started to fester and boil. The vial was quickly cooled with liquid nitrogen and placed in cold storage on arrival at SCP Site 62. The vial must be kept at temperatures of -10 degrees Celsius. If the cold storage ever fails, the room will be flooded with Bakelite and then blasted with liquid nitrogen. In the event the back up fails, the whole facility must be tested to verify each agent can relate to a psychiatrist extensive details about his or her life. Even the smallest inconsistency will be dealt with by terminating said agent. The blood from those agents will then be collected in vials and put back in cold storage. This must be done as soon as possible. Without punctuality, the blood will alter shape and consistency, eventually becoming a facsimile of the first person it encounters. When found, the affected Agent's body must be immolated, as we don't currently know if the blood has the ability to reanimate the dead. There are indications that this may be a potential outcome, as the Holder will attempt to reanimate himself in the image of he who he kills.

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