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Item #: SCP-531

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-531 is to be stored in a standard precious items locker. All experimentation should be done inside if possible to minimize the risk of loss. If this is impossible, some sort of physical barrier (such as wire mesh, etc.) should be present in a 360° radius of the object at all times.

Description: SCP-531 is a traditional, well-polished, returning Australian Aboriginal boomerang made of the bone of an unidentified species. Its weight and dimensions are normal for such an instrument. It is lightly decorated with traditional Aboriginal motives burned into its surface. SCP-531 was discovered in 19██ in the American Rockies.

When thrown, SCP-531 moves in a non-intuitive fashion violating the Newtonian laws of motion. It appears unaffected by atmospheric movements or friction of any sort, and travels in an objective straight line apparently unaffected by gravity, maintaining the same constant speed it had when thrown. Should it hit any material that can be considered liquid or solid (at least raindrops), the normal laws of motion will resume their action and, if the obstacle didn't stop it completely, it will rapidly begin losing speed before falling to the ground. When in movement, SCP-531 does appear to be affected by normal condensation, rimfrost and similar meteorological contact phenomena. As far as can be surmised, should SCP-531 be thrown up, it would, barring encounters with rain, airplanes or birds, eventually fly off into outer space.

It has never been known to perform the normal return motion expected of such a type of boomerang.

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