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Item #: SCP-533

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-533 is to be kept on the shelf in Dr. Wood’s office. If it is removed for study it must be replaced by the end of the day. Copies can be made of the content but must not be published.
Is to be checked biweekly. Any changes in content are to be noted and copies to be recorded and sent to The Foundation Library.

Description: SCP-533 appears to be a paperback book, a volume of ████████’s poetry published in 19██. The book is small and harmless. The poetry is usually consistent with the recorded works of ████████. However it was noted by Agent ██████ that the script is changed from time to time by some unseen hand. Editing is common, improved versions of the poetry are to be sent in their original French to the estate of [DATA EXPUNGED] See Document 2Ai-533. Additions (with added paper) appear overnight when SCP-533 is not observed. The paper of these additions is consistent with the parchment that makes up the rest of the book. Additions are always in French and range from rants about death to the poet wondering about where he is. From descriptions, it seems that he is in a limbo state trapped inside the book. (Those with Level-2 Clearance should see Document 1A-533)
Please note the book is not impervious to the following: Fire, Water, Canine teeth and claws, Dr. Bright, bleach or steel.

The following is a log of SCP-533's history.

<Begin Log>

187█: Poetry in text of SCP-533 (Referred to as 533-A) is first published.

05/12/19██: SCP-533 is supposedly printed by [DATA LOST]

10/04/199█: SCP-533 is bought by Agent ██████ due to her interest in 19th Century French Poetry.

02/05/199█: SCP-533 is brought into a foundation facility (It should be noted that this is the facility that used to keep SCP-███)

11/11/199█: 533-A has changed for the first recorded time. [DATA LOST] was rewritten with the addition of a new poem described Agent ██████'s [DATA ERASED] removed the poem repeatedly, but it was rewritten every time. Agent ██████ reports this and with SCP-533 present refuses to [DATA ERASED].

01/06/200█: Investigated by Dr. Wood who publishes this report plus list of Amendments to SCP-533 (Known as Document 2Ai-533)

<End Log>

Other information
Document 1A-533 - An extract.
Translated from original French.

'Where is this new place?
I have heard the treading of footsteps
In my most tender of dreams.
Rippling away into dark.
Black to Black
Soft turning paper scatters my thoughts.
The end of the end is not death.'

"It appears that ████████ is writing from beyond the grave. I will record notes of his examination of this position. consciousness transferal is a possibility, but not in 19th Century France. I have attempted to communicate with him, however, all efforts so far have been erased form the book." Extract from Document 2Ai-533.

Document 2A-533 - Can be found on Shelf 24C in Section Fra-Fri in the Foundation Library.

Document 2Ai-533 - [REPORT RETRACTED]

'This Document is pending until Dr. Wood can learn to place his work before material gains. All paper leaving his office will be scanned to see if it contains any extracts of 1A-533. In the meantime, A royalty of [DATA LOST] is to be paid to █████ ████████'s estate via the usual method.' - 05-██

I apologize profusely about Document 2Ai-533, it is being rewritten after rejection for 05-██. I will resubmit it after it has been cleaned and I can conduct further reports on SCP-533's properties. I think all of this is a terrible misunderstanding. I was just trying to [DATA ERASED]

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