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Item #: SCP-534

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-534-1 through SCP-534-6 are to be kept in a 6.1mx6.1m (20ftx20ft) room, kept at average room temperature, low humidity, and low, dim mood lighting. Any special requests SCP-534a makes for it's containment is to be granted as long as it does not violate security policy. To this date, the interior of this room is designed to appear as a small art gallery nook, with oak paneled floors, creme-colored plaster walls, and dim mood lighting. When not in contact with SCP's 534-1 through 6, SCP-534a is allowed full roam of Site 17 with one level three Security personnel escorting him.

Description: SCP-534-1 through 6 are six different 24" by 24" paintings, each in a 27" by 27", each depicting different locales. These locales include, in numerical order:

  • a serene mountain field
  • a small Italian bistro
  • a church, appearing to be Eastern Orthodox, modeled after the churches in Moscow
  • a busy city street corner
  • a quiet, large library
  • the lobby of a large, fancy hotel.

Each of these paintings are simple oil paintings, painted in the same style, though the artist is unknown. Each would appear to be simply paintings and, through all testing, are perfectly normal paintings without contact with SCP-534a.

SCP-534a is a man, appearing to be in his early to mid twenties, and of European descent, with straight, shaggy brown hair and green eyes. He is thin, and always clad in a brown turtleneck sweater, blue denim jeans, and brown loafers, as well as a pair of glasses. He claims his name is "Leonardo" and prefers to be called "Leo" rather then SCP-534a.

When the subject comes into physical contact with one of the paintings, he somehow morphs himself into the painting. After he enters one of the paintings, the images begin to animate themselves. When inside, the subject has stated that he can hear, see, and converse with anyone viewing the painting, stating that "it's kind of like watching a TV or talking on a webcam". It would appear that SCP-534a is the only person who can interact with the paintings this way, as any other attempts have failed. Nor is SCP-534a able to enter into any other paintings to date.

SCP-354a's demeanor is described by many of the staff he comes into contact with as "mellow" and "easy-going". He claims that he purchased SCP-534-1 through 6 at a local gallery in ████████, ████████, trying to furnish his apartment. The subject was only discovered after Operative ████████ was invited to his apartment for a social party, still under cover tracking another potential SCP. SCP-534a seems to enjoy reading, spending most of his spare time exploring SCP-534-5. Other then his connection to the paintings, there is nothing overly strange about the subject. He seems to age normally (though his stay has not been long enough for any obvious anti-aging effects to be seen), and, though his score on a standardized IQ test is relatively high at 112, SCP-534a is, for all intents and purposes, a normal man.

Suggestions for introducing SCP-534a and/or SCP-534-1 through 6 to SCP-085 are being considered.

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