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Item #: SCP-536

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-536 is to be held in storage locker #███ and guarded by at least one (1) Level 3 staff member at any given time. Any staff member with Level 1 clearance or higher may submit a request in paper to use SCP-536. The request must include the amount of time the person plans to use SCP-536, the location to which SCP-536 will be taken, and the reason for use of SCP-536. The requestor must also allow the guard to watch over SCP-536 until it is returned.

Addendum: SCP-536-2 is to be held within a Category-6 Puzzle Box and stored in a locker secured by retinal scanner and handprint scanner based locks. SCP-536-2 is not to be used by or administered to any personnel with clearance Level 2 or higher under any circumstances short of orders from a Level 4 staff member.

Description: SCP-536 is a blue and red sleeping bag matching a model produced from 19██ to 19██ by ██████ Corporation. All physical aspects of the sleeping bag (including but not limited to: fabric used for the bag, red and blue dyes used, alloy of the zipper, etc) match those of a standard sleeping bag of the same model, with sole exception that the word "IMAGINATION" is written on the inside of the bag in seemingly irremovable yellow-green ink. The bag was discovered within an illegally-placed tent near [DATA EXPUNGED] by a camp counselor and two scouts who had been looking for a refugee from a local summer camp. Within the bag was the preserved corpse of ███████ ████, who had been reported missing since [DATA EXPUNGED]. Autopsy indicates that Mr. ████ had died from dehydration.

When a human subject enters SCP-536 and zippers the bag fully-closed, all neural activity minus those regulating involuntary processes completely cease. Breathing and pulse slow significantly to approximately one heartbeat per fifteen (15) minutes and one breath every twenty (20) minutes. When interrogated afterwards, subjects cannot recall any activity between closing the zipper and being forcibly removed at the end of the test, including entering sleep or dreaming.

Addendum 536-a: Subject D-████, when removed from the bag, reported having a "very vivid lucid dream" in which he was a scientist at the Foundation. Further the subject reported that his body in the dream was not his own body, and went on to provide a description. Subsequent tests involving several other Class D personnel provided the same results and the exact same description of their bodies in the dream regardless of race and gender. Subjects within SCP-536 still display a lack of neural activity and reduced heartbeat and respiration despite these dreams.

Addendum 536-b: The descriptions of the body and the activities carried out in the dreams match the body of Dr. ██████████ and his activities at the time of testing, much to his embarrassment. During the interview, Agent ██████ immediately noticed a yellow-green rubber band worn on Dr. ██████████’s wrist, on which the word “IMAGINATION” was engraved in the same font as the word is written on SCP-536.

Dr. ██████████ notes that the rubber band was produced by SCP-004-14 on 29 Feb 2008 during an attempt to retrieve four Class D personnel from the box. Despite the band being composed of an unknown rubber, it was deemed safe, and Dr. ██████████ was permitted to keep the band. The band was acquired and first worn by Dr. ██████████ at some point between test sessions of SCP-536. When asked why Dr. ██████████ decided to wear the band, Dr. ██████████ provided the following response: “Uh, I wanted to see if (pause) it would (pause) if it would affect testing of SCP-536.” A polygraph test was not administered to determine the truthfulness of this statement.

Notes - It’s the truth, damn it! - Dr. ██████████

Addendum 536-c
The rubber band retrieved from SCP-004-14 has been classified SCP-536-2, and the sleeping bag formerly classified SCP-536 has been reclassified SCP-536-1. SCP-536-2 is a yellow-green rubber band engraved with the word "IMAGINATION". The rubber band is of apparently infinite elasticity, possesses a perimiter of approximately 26cm when USPR=0, width of 2.6cm, and thickness of .3cm except where engraved by letters of the word "IMAGINATION". The nature of the link between SCP-536-1 and SCP-536-2 has been the focus of several tests. See Experiment Log 536 for details. The connection between SCP-536 and SCP-004 is also currently under investigation.

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