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Item #: SCP-538

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-538 is currently held at Site-17 in a soundproofed 5m x 5m cell kept at STP. The entrance to the cell is to be secured at all times by a retinal-scan lock accessible only by personnel of Level 2 clearance or higher and monitored by at least one armed guard of Level 3 clearance. Only staff with Level 2 clearance or higher may interact with SCP-538 unless authorized by a staff member of Level 4 clearance. To date, SCP-538 has not requested any furnishing for its cell. Any such requests in the future are to be deemed unusual.

The contents of the cell must always be observed by a staff member with Level 3 by means of a one-way mirror doubling as one wall of SCP-538's cell. The glass is reinforced to withstand a standard hand grenade explosion in order to prevent easy entry or escape, and the room behind the mirror must be guarded and secured at all times by the same precautions as SCP-538's cell. Apart from the mirror, SCP-538's cell should be completely shut off from any and all means of perception.

All interaction with SCP-538 must be recorded and carefully reviewed before being logged. Any recording in which critical workings of the Foundation are revealed, either audibly or visually, is subject to immediate destruction, and all unauthorized personnel who have been exposed to this information either in person or through the recordings must be dealt with according to procedure.

Description: SCP-538 is a 19-year-old male of ambiguous descent (most likely Pacific Islander), standing approximately 158 cm tall. Subject has black hair and dark grey irises. SCP-538 is biologically human according to all tests run on the subject, but has not displayed need for sleep or nourishment. Otherwise, SCP-538 has aged as a normal human would since its arrival. Tests to determine SCP-538's necessity for oxygen, as recommended by Dr. ██████████, are still awaiting authorization.

Of more urgent note is that SCP-538 possesses intimate knowledge of the Foundation, despite having had no connections to the Foundation beforehand. The subject was, in fact, the party to initiate contact with the Foundation through an off-duty agent and was initially held as a spy before being classified as SCP-538. Its knowledge of recent events continues to develop even as he is held in isolation with no means of accessing outside information. The information is limited, however, to twelve (12) of our Facilities, including [DATA EXPUNGED].

Apart from the above, SCP-538 displays no superhuman or inhuman abilities. The subject has been physically harmed on multiple occasions, has not displayed extranormal rates of regeneration, and appears to be genuinely cautious around potential threats to a normal human's well-being. Strength and athleticism are typical of, if not slightly less than, that of an average human of the same age and gender.

SCP-538 is extremely compliant, offering absolutely no resistance to orders aside from specific questions regarding its identities. When not given any orders, SCP-538 is known to sit or stand motionless for days on end. It should be noted, however, that SCP-538 will accept orders from any party, and so must be kept isolated (see Containment Procedures) to prevent misuse. SCP-538 is completely apathetic and motiveless, having requested nothing since its initial request to Agent ██████. It has not refused to answer questions regarding its motive, nor has it refused to divulge its source of information, but the truthfulness and plausibility of SCP-538's responses are still under question.

Chronology: The following chronology details the events leading up to the classification of the subject as SCP-538.

12 Jan 20██, 11:59
SCP-538, then known by its legal name of █████ █ ████, approaches Agent ██████. Agent ██████ is off-duty and in plain clothes at the time, but has no family or acquaintances present. SCP-538 requests that it be taken in by the Foundation and treated as an SCP. Agent ██████ is caught by surprise, but composes himself and contacts Maj. ███████, requesting a squad of Class E personnel.

12 Jan 20██, 12:04
Squad of eight (8) Class E personnel arrive in [DATA EXPUNGED]. Agent ██████ and SCP-538 enter the vehicle. SCP-538 is not informed that the vehicle is bugged. Dr. ██████████ and an assistant listen to all conversation within the vehicle from a remote location.

12 Jan 20██, 12:22
SCP-538 conveys its full legal name to Agent ██████. Dr. ██████████ is able to find a valid birth certificate, a set of medical and dental records, and several other legal documents corresponding to the given name, verifying SCP-538's identity. Dr. ██████████ then traces the subject's social network and lineage to find any connection to the SCP Foundation. No links are discovered within four generations.

12 Jan 20██, 12:29
Escort vehicle arrives at [DATA EXPUNGED]. Subject is chcked for weaponry and prepared for interrogation.

12 Jan 20██, 12:41
Two (2) Class E personnel of the retrieval squad escort SCP-538 to Interrogation Room #████. Subject is wired to a polygraph. Polygraph does not pick up any neural activity. The device is deemed faulty, but no substitute is brought in with respect to time. Agent ██████ commences interrogation. Refer to Document #538-1:

Document #538-1:

Agent ██████: Your name is █████, correct?
SCP-538: That is correct.
Agent ██████: Very well then, █████. How do you know of The SCP Foundation?
SCP-538: I have knowledge from sixteen total staff members distributed between twelve of your facilities.
Agent ██████: You have been leaked information?
SCP-538: No. More accurately, I experienced the information firsthand from sixteen different vessels.
Agent ██████: What, like you read their minds, or something?
SCP-538: We do not have minds.
Agent ██████: Don't act all cryptic and mysterious. Are you a telepath?
SCP-538: No.
Agent ██████: Then how did you get top secret information out of sixteen apparently trusted staff members' heads?
SCP-538: It was never inside their heads to begin with.

The interrogation continues in circles for nearly one (1) hour.

12 Jan 20██, 13:32
The interrogation concludes with SCP-538 clearly and accurately detailing [DATA EXPUNGED]. Subject is immediately detained in a maximum surveillance holding cell to prevent said knowledge from leaving the Foundation. Request to authorize termination of the subject submitted.

12 Jan 20██, 18:44
Request contested. SCP-538 is to be subject to more interviews in order to locate and patch the supposed leak.

16 Jan 20██
Clearance Level 3 guards who had been keeping vigil over SCP-538 realize that it had not slept during any of their shifts that day. Review of surveillance recordings reveal that SCP-538 had not slept in four days.

██ Jan 20██
Subject has undergone multiple interrogations, each time presenting the same story provided in the initial interview, even under extreme physical duress. Noted duress is required, as conventional methods of guaranteeing truth, such as polygraphs and hypnosis, all fail to activate when administered to the subject.

██ Feb 20██
SCP-538 still has not fallen asleep, nor shows any signs of fatigue. Dr. ███, a psychoanalyst for the Foundation, is called in to interview it.

Document #531-2:

Dr. ███: █████, is it?
SCP-538: That is correct.
Dr. ███: You are aware that you have been held under tight surveillance, correct?
SCP-538: Indeed.
Dr. ███: Surveillance tapes have shown that you have not slept since you were incarcerated [DATA EXPUNGED] ago. Is this an error?
SCP-538: That is mostly correct. This vessel has not slept.
Dr. ███: Okay… Did "this vessel" sleep regularly before your detainment?
SCP-538: Yes, seven hours per night on average.
Dr. ███: Why aren't you sleeping here? Is it stress?
SCP-538: I understand that The SCP Foundation takes interest in the unnatural. I am simply being unnatural.
Dr. ███: I see. And why do you want the SCP Foundation to take interest in you?
SCP-538: The Foundation's containment units are secure, from what I have seen. I will not be harmed as long as I am obedient, correct?
Dr. ███: You are intentionally depriving yourself from sleep because you want to see what it's like to be locked up and experimented on?
SCP-538: The other vessels get enough rest for me. If this does not suffice, then the other vessels shall eat for me as well.
Dr. ███: You won't eat?
SCP-538: I will not.
End Transcript

██ Mar 20██
Subject has neither slept nor eaten since its conversation with Dr. ███. It has additionally refused water for the past two weeks. Despite this, SCP-538 still appears to be in healthy condition. In light of the subject's inhuman ability to survive without said necessities for an extended period of time and its immunity to hypnosis and polygraph testing, and assuming that its story behind its source of information has some merit, an executive decision is made to classify the subject as Euclid SCP-538 and to relocate the subject to Site-17.

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