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Item #: SCP-540

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-540 requires minimal security procedures, and is currently contained in a storage locker with a standard padlock, combination only known by Security Level 3 personnel or higher. Although its manner of ratting against the door has been described as unnerving, any attempts of the deflated 540 to escape should be ignored. Should SCP-540 escape, a full search is warranted, focus placed on areas such as closets, under tables/chairs, and bedrooms.

SCP-540 is only to be removed for testing; removal for other purposes is grounds for reassignment to Keter duty.

While being removed for testing, at least three personnel must remain present and watching at all given times, to prevent movement. No precautions about blinking need be taken, as SCP-540 only moves after not being watched for at least two seconds, or if in immediate danger of physical damage or harm. Although male personnel are allowed to handle SCP-540, the majority of any research team must be female in order to avoid undesired results.

Description: SCP-540's appearance, although largely variable, appears to be that of a typical life-size, inflatable replica of a human female, colloquially referred to as a blow-up doll. SCP-540's height and build varies, while retaining the lack of mass characteristic of inflatable dolls. Although SCP-540 always retains the falsely-exaggerated features of a blow-up-doll, its appearance is mutable, at times distinctly resembling other female figures it has seen. Other noted transformations include celebrities, models, and females unknown to SCP-540.

To the naked eye, SCP-540's appearance changes virtually instantly; a frame-by-frame observation of recorded instances reveal the change takes a fraction of a second while the features blur and re-form. SCP-540 appears capable of taking any humanoid female form with a height limit of 2.13m (7ft) and within a moderately fit body type. SCP-540 has not demonstrated the ability to display any species other than human. Testing to try and provoke a more alien figure has been approved.

SCP-540 is capable of relatively fast movement, able to semi-deflate its body and wriggle in a fashion like a snake or worm, as well as hooking its arms and legs around objects to move. It can inflate or deflate at will, allowing it to make its way through small spaces, under the edges of doors or under couches. It does not move while being watched, unless its safety is under immediate threat. It does move while observed through a camera or while hidden.

SCP-540 appears to have a crude intelligence and is fully carnivorous. It is unknown how SCP-540 digests its victims or what happens to them, as SCP-540 maintains the same mass, with no trace of foreign materials, after digestion. SCP-540 was found 'hunting' young men in a fraternity house by [DATA EXPUNGED].

It has been suggested the SCP-540 has a simple personality with a marked dislike for female humans (See Addendum). In this same incident, it was learned that SCP-540 may be repaired with a simple rubber or plastic patch, which is absorbed into the main body over the course of several hours, leaving its 'skin' flawless once again.

Addendum: "SCP-540 is not a toy, and most certainly not a sex toy. Anybody caught using it as such can and will be reassigned to keter duty personally by me." - Dr. Rights

As we have all heard, an altercation between Dr. Rights and SCP-540 resulted in SCP-540 needing to have a rubber patch applied to seal a wound. It would appear that SCP-540 is fully capable of mocking and upsetting people deliberately, as well as moving in self-defense. Dr. Rights is, however, no longer allowed within ten meters of SCP-540. - 05-██

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