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A picture taken of the SCP in featureless room to prevent possible complications

Item #: SCP-543

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: This object should be kept attached firmly to the wall in a 3mX3mX3m (10ftX10ftX10ft) room made of concrete. Only those planning to perform research upon the object, or those who are part of the research on the project are allowed within the room.

All who enter the room are to be searched by the guards upon leaving. Psychological testing is also to be performed, including answering a question only they can know.

The object is to be monitored at all times with multiple security cameras. The object is not to be removed from the room without permission from the overseers.

Description: Object is a large 0.9mx2.44m (3ftx8ft) mirror attached firmly to the wall. Object has an aluminum frame airbrushed to resemble brass. The reflection of an object in mirror lags a half second behind said object's movements. It is possible to enter the mirror.

When a human steps into mirror, the reflection of the human does not step out. Instead the reflected image vanishes. Manipulation of objects on the other side of the mirror effects them correspondingly on this side. Through the door of the testing room reflected in the mirror there is [Information Redacted]

Addendum 543-1
Research is proposed into using the mirror as a means of making invisible spies/saboteurs who can interact with the world through the wold within the mirror

It is unknown how moving the mirror affects people currently within it.

Addendum 543-2 Test notes for test 543-1
Caution: The following information is locked under codeword clearance. If you are not of proper codeword clearance you will be terminated.

These reports are gathered from a team that passed through the mirror. They were asked to perform a series of tasks to manipulate this side of the mirror, from the other side. The normal writing is the team leader's written report. The italics is the report from the monitoring researcher on this side of the mirror.

Tasks were set up in specially marked stations varying distances from the mirror. The plan was to go to the stations and perform the tasks. Each task has a certain degree of ambiguity to it, to test for ambiguous conditions. Cameras were set up to film events on this side of the mirror.

Once passing the safety of the featureless room it was discovered that two guards stood in the same positions as the guards on this side of the mirror. The guards were entirely lacking in facial features.

As the team proceeded deeper into the world behind the mirror the surroundings got more and more different from the real equivalent. Nevertheless they attempted to carry out our given tasks.

Task 543-1-1. We put the star at the top of the magnet board on the other side of the door. There were no difficulties with this task, but small details were missing from the magnetic board.
Outside researcher observation: They missed the star outline that the star was supposed to be put on, but they performed the task adequately Dr. ██████

Task 543-1-2. We wrote on the paper 5 meters away From the door. The paper was abnormally slick. The pencil was abnormally heavy. We signed each of out names, then wrote 'Hello world'

Outside researcher observation: The writing was illegible and distorted. Our translators say it looks like a dialect of ancient sumerian ~ Dr. ██████

Task 543-1-3. 10 meters. We screwed the two metal blocks flushed tight against one another with 1 on top of 2, and nailed the wooden blocks together. The metal blocks were an odd shade of red, and the wood appeared to have been dyed green. Both appeared to be cut in irregular shapes
Outside researcher observation: This task was done correctly, except that they put #2 on top of number one with the metal plates, and the blocks were nailed together off center ~ Dr. ██████

[Audio feed still classified]

Task 543-1-4. 25 meters. We used the chemical set to combine vinegar and baking soda. There was difficulty in reading the chemical set: It was like reading in a dream, the words were understandable but none of the symbols made sense. The weights and textures of the chemicals were wrong.
Outside researcher observation: They combined the sulfur with the water. ~Dr. ██████

[Audio feed still classified]

Task 543-1-5. 50 meters. We attempted to build a house of cards, but the cards were too slick, and too thin so we arranged the cards from ace to king, and starting with hearts, followed by spades, followed by clubs, followed by diamonds as was the predetermined backup plan. The cards were abnormally slick. The air has a heavy greasy feel to it.
Outside researcher observation: The cards were randomly arranged on this side of the mirror ~ Dr. ██████

[Audio feed still classified]

Task 543-1-6. 100 meters away. We stacked the blocks in the specially positioned toy pit. The cubes vibrated painfully in our hands, making the task difficult. They made an odd buzzing noise when handled. The cubes were also fuzzy with what appeared to be fur growing on them. We have begun hearing bizarre background noises. They sound a bit like animals screaming. Everything's taking on a slightly organic feel and appearance.
Outside researcher observation: I still don't understand how they managed to stack the brightly colored balls ~ Dr. ██████

[Audio feed still classified]

Task 543-1-7. 250 meters from mirror. We used a syringe we had carried with us that contained water. We injected the water into the rubber bulb to see the effect on the normal side of the mirror. The rubber storage bulb was pulsating and had a tacky feel. The screaming noises are getting worse, and the air has a distinct red hue. There are thick red vines growing across the floor. The walls seem to be oozing a purple colored fluid.
Outside researcher observation: They injected their fluid into a cat who had wandered into the test area. When the chemical was retrieved from the cat it was found to be liquid borax, not water ~ Dr. ██████

[Audio feed still classified]

Task 543-1-8. 500 meters. We were incapable of identifying the landscape surrounding us. Large purple veins were hanging from the ceiling. Nevertheless we found what we believe to the briefcase (though it was oddly wet and felt like it was breathing) and we opened it then removed the contents. We are being watched by a spider thing. It charged at us, it's pincers clicking menacingly. I ordered the men to fire upon it. The bullets caused cracking in the carapace and threw it into another wall. The vines are thicker. There are inhuman noises echoing through the halls. Breathing is a bit difficult. We've lost two men. One man touched a wall and just vanished, sucked INTO the wall. Another man brushed against a purple vine hanging from the ceiling and was grabbed and pulled upwards. His severed foot fell from the ceiling a few moments later.
Outside researcher observation: They missed the target area. Several meters away in the staff lounge Agent ██████ had his head opened and his brain removed. Agent ████ was then thrown into a wall with great force ~Dr. ██████

[Audio feed still classified]

Task 543-1-10 1000 meters. It's hopeless, we can't… make it. The air… is even less breathable. It has a greenish haze. Our class D personnel were eaten by the… things in the ceiling… Dr. ███ was snapped in two by… something that looked like a tree with arms. █████████ was eaten by a large beast with five large fuzzy arms each tipped with claws… Some things look more organic, but there have also been sightings of advanced tech. There was a large metal creature made out of scrap metal screaming that we ran past. There was another segment which was sectioned off by an impenetrable blue field. The screaming is deep in our bones. We can't breathe. I'm calling it off… there's… something in my arm. It looks like a marble but it's pulsating… oh gods… oh gods…. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT THING!?[transcript ends]
Outside researcher observation: Two men returned, none of whom were the expedition leader. One of them was carrying the logs with him. Neither were particularly verbal, gesticulating and screaming as well as staring at us with no recognition. They were sent to psych. It's believed that with time, and concealing they will be able to recover and provide a more precise description of events. Currently they are diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress. The bodies have not been recovered. What the ███ happened? ~Dr. ██████

[Audio feed still classified]

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