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Item #: SCP-544

Object Class: Safe/Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-544 is contained within a standard enclosure with a twin sized bed. If subject leaves his quarters he may do so at his leisure but must notify the guard on duty who will accompany him throughout his leave and until his return to the cell. At no point should any attempt be made to touch the doll known as SCP-544-A from here forward unless specifically asked to hold the doll by the subject. SCP-544 has remained quite co-operative and does nearly anything requested of him so long as SCP-544-A is with him. SCP-544 refuses to take a life unless his own or SCP-544-A is threatened, with a documented exception after an extended separation of the two.

In the event that SCP-544 or SCP-544-A becomes a hazard or in the event of them becoming a vector for a contagious biohazard; the containment unit for SCP-544 and SCP-544-A is to be doused with flames from the units enclosed the ceiling of the room.

Description: Subject SCP-544 is a Caucasian male of approximately ██ years of age whose physical appearance is often mistaken for ██. The difference in age may be attributed to the doll but it has been verified that youthful appearance is common in the subject’s family. Subject's birth name is █████ ██████ however has agreed to be referred to by 544 as well. There is nothing significant about the subject's appearance other than the apparent age lapse, he has brown hair and blue/grey eyes and weighs approximately ███ lbs. Subject’s height appears to be slightly variable within 5-12 cm (2-5in) of 1.83m (6ft); this may be attributed to the effects of SCP-544-A. A dietary plan and training regimen have been established following the events of Addendum 544-3 and Addendum 544-5 to utilize SCP-544 as a field agent.

Subject SCP-544-A is a plush doll that has through unknown means been modified in appearance. The original doll was temporarily available through ████ █████ in █████████ and was intended to represent fictional character █████ █████. The doll is female in appearance and while the original doll could be described as 'Adequate' at best the doll carried by SCP-544 is more lifelike and contains fine attention to detail. See Addendum 544-3. At the time of SCP-544's admittance to the Foundation the doll was 0.66m (2ft, 2in) in size. SCP-544 himself states that the doll was only 0.46m (1ft, 6in) in size when first purchased. SCP-544 has speculated maximum height may be approximately 1.68m (5ft, 6in) or so and he is unsure what may occur if this is reached. When questioned as to where this maximum size estimate comes from, SCP-544 states timidly, "That's what she told me."

While SCP-544 is in contact with the doll he is placid and social. When in voluntary disconnect with SCP-544-A the subject remains placid but becomes more nervous and shy, and has been noted to show an additional increase in tension when surrounded by two or more female staff. This tension is not present when the doll is held. When involuntarily disconnected from SCP-544-A SCP-544 will enter a panicked state that becomes increasingly aggressive should SCP-544 suspect individuals around him for being responsible for hiding SCP-544-A from him. When reunited SCP-544 returns to his usual behavior patterns immediately and requests to be allowed to rest.

Extended separation of SCP-544 from 544-A is not to exceed two weeks due to the events in Document-SCP-544-2A. If SCP-544 is required to leave his room for a longer period SCP-544-A must accompany him. In the event the two week interval is breached upon return the facility SCP-544-A must be immediately presented to SCP-544 and be allowed to oversee the scheduled termination of at least two (2) Class D personnel.

During questioning of SCP-544 he states he is keenly aware of what are described as 'threads' lingering above the heads of those around him. These threads are black primarily although he has stated observing other colors from time to time, and go up into the ceiling to a point of unknown origin. SCP-544 states he observes these threads at all times but during prolonged separation it becomes difficult to draw his attention away from them, even if not being directly looked upon they are 'visible' in his minds eye. SCP-544 describes being able to manipulate them. “Touching" a string causes sensations in the string's owner of intense dread and panic. Subjects whose strings are "broken" die immediately without identifiable cause. SCP-544-A appears to benefit from subjects who die in this fashion with changes in its appearance. The most noticeable change in SCP-544-A is its increase in height and weight, followed by increasingly life-like appearance and addition of detail.

Observation of SCP-544-A during the "breaking" of a thread is next to impossible. Viewer attention fails due to a blink or distraction. Equipment will malfunction for mere seconds so the exact event cannot be recorded or witnessed, but the after-effect can be fully documented.

Addendum 544-1: All staff interacting with SCP-544 as well as SCP-544-A are advised to refrain from derogatory comments directed at either SCP-544 or SCP-544-A. In two separate instances Class-D personnel have been lost due to behavior in this regard. In the first instance a group of Class-D were actively harassing SCP-544 while in transit through the facility and the most vocal of them suddenly ceased living after a comment directed toward SCP-544 caused visible distress in the subject. The second instance occurred during a separation of SCP-544 and SCP-544-A. SCP-544-A was found laying on a couch in a break area sitting in a stance similar to a person watching television. Class-D personnel who entered the area explained that one of them began to joke about SCP-544-A despite warnings to leave it alone from some who had seen it before. Ignoring the warnings the Class-D person picked up SCP-544-A and directed a string of vulgarities at it. Just before SCP-544-A was 'thrown in the trash' the Class-D person holding it fell over and ceased breathing. During this moment SCP-544-A was said to 'Bubble and squirm in his hands' for a brief second. SCP-544 was confirmed being nowhere near the scene of this occurrence.

Addendum 544-2: SCP-544 has been restricted from being near containment of any SCP that exhibits regenerative or ‘immortal’ behavior. This addendum stems from an observation of SCP-544 lingering in a trance state near SCP-682 and a physical mutation visibly occurring with SCP-544-A. Unfortunately as with other instances of physical change all video equipment directed at SCP-544 and 544-A failed but the one staff member who was witness to it described SCP-544-A as resembling a ‘Bubbling waxy figure’. When SCP-544 was approached by the staff member SCP-544-A immediately returned to a doll state and SCP-544 snapped out of his trance, unaware of how long he had been there. SCP-544-A was measured after this incident and not just increasing 10cm in height, it was found to now have rotary joint structures in the arms and legs that allow it to be posed into positions. SCP-544 is now prone to carrying SCP-544-A around piggyback due to its increased size.

Addendum 544-3: An unknown biological agent, possibly SCP-387, was reported within the facility in conjunction with a containment failure in the █████████ wing. SCP-544 was in transit through this area to a break area with guard when outbreak occurred. SCP-544 has a reputation for being very docile as long as in contact with SCP-544-A so was moved to a considered safe location while his escort assisted with containment staff. In the midst of the extermination procedure SCP-544 assisted staff by ‘severing the ties to life’ of the infectious life spreading through the area. SCP-544 was instrumental in forcing the spreading contaminant back into containment and has agreed to assist containment teams in-house and in the field. After this incident SCP-544-A increased ~5cm in height.

SCP-544's ability to exterminate contagious biomaterial such as this has been duly noted and he has agreed to join a task force to control and/or exterminate hazardous outbreaks in exchange for his furnishings and on the condition he be allowed to take SCP-544-A with him or place 'her' in the care of a staff member of his choosing. This request was agreed to and Dr. █████ has agreed to watch over SCP-544-A should its owner be in the field and transport of the doll be impossible.

Addendum 544-4: Several deaths occurred in Class-D personnel who had been severely injured during testing of SCP-███. These men were listed in critical condition and would have likely been terminated anyway due to the nature of their wounds; however the attending nurse reported that all men ceased breathing in virtually the same instant. They exhibited no signs of pain or discomfort in conjunction with this event whereas the nature of the injuries they had received caused intense pain. Concern has been expressed over the apparent free will exhibited by SCP-544-A in this regard and further observation is scheduled to determine if SCP-544-A poses a threat as well as how it chooses its targets as this is the first incident of this nature that has occurred.

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