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Document 544-A-1

Date ██-██-████: Subject SCP-544 reports 544-A, his doll, missing from his quarters. The guard on duty called in a request to escort 544 through surrounding areas. 544-A was not found in the quarters or adjacent areas. During the search 544 was recorded as going into a trance like state which he returned from after several minutes in state of disappointment.

Guard ██████ states that after further searching the pair entered a Class D Personnel Locker Room in which five individuals were gathered having a conversation. During examination of the room 544 entered another trance state and then elatedly made his way to one of the lockers in the back which he proceeded to fight with aggressively but was unable to open. Guard ██████ was able to calm 544 down and then left to obtain a master code for the locker room. ██████ states as he departed he heard one of the Class D persons asking 544 if he had lost his doll but paid no mind to it as the tone of the question was not aggressive.

The time it took ██████ to leave the locker room, approach the security station for the area and obtain the code, and then return was approximately five minutes. During this time camera feed was focused around the area of the Class D personnel. For unknown reasons the group began to disperse then camera feed was lost. Guard ██████ was already en route back to the room so an alert was not immediately sent however ██████ was radioed to report in upon arrival.

Camera function restored as guard entered room and was shown on camera radioing back to station. No other persons were visible on the camera feed. In the room the guard found all Class D personnel were found dead in various states of approach toward 544's location at the locker that was said to be containing his doll. 544 was observed as being in a state of intense rage, with fists white knuckled and tears streaming down his cheeks repeating, "Give her back." 544 ignored the guard who was able to open the locker which did in fact contain 544-A.

Upon recovery of 544-A, 544 relaxed immediately and used his shirt to clean himself. 544 paid very special attention to not get any grime or fluid on 544-A before accepting it. He then coddled the doll the entire way back to his room and fell asleep with it almost immediately according to the guard escort. The Class D personnel's bodies were examined and found to have no physical trauma or evidence of assault, as with other deaths associated with 544 the victims seem to have simply ceased to function.

Later investigation found that Class D personnel on janitorial staff had intended to play a prank on 'The Doll Boy', Addendum 544-1 filed and distributed.


As part of SCP-544’s training to establish value as an Agent he has dispatched to investigate a possible infectious biohazard in ██████ ██████████. Part of this assignment is also to evaluate the effect of a prolonged separation of SCP-544 from SCP-544-A.

SCP-544's first week during this expedition was recorded as being uneventful both on the part of SCP-544 and in regards to the ████ contagion. SCP-544 exhibited mild introversive behavior but co-operated with the rest of the task force and met expectations for working in the field. During week two of the expedition several specimens of the reported ████ were found and contained for examination. SCP-544 was observed as becoming increasingly nervous and distant according to other E2 staff on the project, but remained co-operative. Dr. █████ reported no unusual activity or behavior from SCP-544-A but did state she enjoyed a one-sided heart-to-heart conversation with SCP-544-A about her own relationship troubles. SCP-544-A failed to provide any useful insight on this matter.

During week three of the expedition SCP-544 repeatedly asked to return home and stated he missed ‘█████’, his personal name for SCP-544-A. The E2 expedition leaders expressed concern with what was recorded as being a "Sudden degradation resembling malnutrition" in SCP-544's appearance. Every meal had been accounted for however SCP-544 began to show signs of loosing muscle mass, weakness, fatigue, and periods of confusion. SCP-544's condition improved moderately after E2 members scouting the ████ source discovered a place where the spreading ████ was in high concentration. SCP-544 was able to isolate and exterminate the spreading mass so that the research team could obtain samples and investigate further into the area. After this incident SCP-544 displayed a return to normal health following four hours of rest.

During the end of the third week, corresponding with the events prior to and after the elimination of the ████ node encountered by the research team, Dr. █████ reported returning to her office and observing SCP-544-A being animate and wandering her office. According to the report, visible behind SCP-544-A who was 'waiting in the doorway' several materials in the room were being scattered by unseen forces, nothing large or heavy was moved. SCP-544-A no longer appeared as a large plush doll but a much larger, thinner, and alive version of SCP-544-A whose skin "bubbled and flowed like liquid wax flowing from the inside to the surface of the body. Video equipment in the room had malfunctioned as per other instances where SCP-544-A has been ‘active’; however audio recording equipment in the room suffered no failure and recorded the attached:

Recorded at 06:59, ██/██/██
-sound similar to plastic rods snapping followed by wet splattering sounds-
-buzz emanating from an access denied at the door, repeats 3 times-
-gurgling female scream and wet splat sounds against the door followed by another access denied buzz-

Recorded at 08:02, ██/██/██
-wet splattering sounds rising and falling in pitch as recording device is approached and then moved away from-
-sound of several papers in the air-
-sound of locked drawers rattled and unlocked drawers opening-
-another gurgling female screech followed by wet splattering and a single buzz from the door access-

Recorded at 10:35, ██/██/██
-approaching heeled footsteps, outside the room-
-approval ding from outside reader granting access-
-swishing sound of inner door opening-
-woman's scream followed by unintelligible gargling sounds-
-door swishing closed-
-door swishing open-
-recording ends-

Dr. █████'s room slammed itself shut and refused door codes for a full minute. Upon opening successfully the room was verified as being in disarray however SCP-544-A was in its original resting place, as a plush doll, with no physical evidence that it had been anything else. When measured it was found to have lost ~7.62cm (3in) of height. No further activity was recorded from SCP-544-A until SCP-544's return. Despite the description of SCP-544-A's semi-liquid state no material of any such description was found in the room. Video during this incident was unviewable due to equipment malfunction.

Due to the degradation of SCP-544's physical health he and two additional staff were dismissed to return to the facility. Upon arrival SCP-544 pleaded for SCP-544-A until she was brought and given to him at which point he immediately fell asleep and remained so for 48 hours. Upon awakening SCP-544 informed the guard on duty that SCP-544-A had requested they be allowed to terminate someone. SCP-544 displayed obvious distaste during making this request and was described as being exceedingly uncomfortable about it, glancing frequently at SCP-544-A. After discussion amongst the Level 4 staff an experiment was approved and SCP-544 was requested to terminate a series of Class D personnel who had breeched protocols.

SCP-544 has displayed markedly timid behavior for most situations, closer to his appeared age rather than actual age, however for this request he gave no hint of emotion either in favor or disagreement with the request. The termination was one of the fastest on file consisting of SCP-544 entering the room, the subjects falling down, and SCP-544 then leaving and returning to sleep. The following day when SCP-544 showed a complete return to health and SCP-544-A regained its lost height.

SCP-544 has requested to return to the research site with SCP-544-A to continue assisting the staff there.

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