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Gnats working on a victim; image taken with aural photography

Item #: SCP-546

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-546 poses no long term risk however the hypnotic droning requires the swarm be placed in a sound proof room to prevent accidental contact.
If the swarm grows too large use any appropriate means of extermination.
Use of SCP-546 is no longer permitted without the following provisions
1) Contact must be overseen by a trained psychologist with a security clearance level of 2 or higher
2) All use must be documented on form 546-u and appended to personnel's records

Description: SCP-546 is a swarm of gnats related to Culicoides impunctatus or highland midge. SCP-546 was recovered from ██████████ mental health institute in ██████, ██ after unusually high cure rates of the most depressed patients were reported within the facility. See addendum 546-01 for details of discovery.

SCP-546 seem to feed on low mood states in subjects. Subjects tend to feel “happier” in all aspects of their lives.
SCP-546 will cause a hypnotic state in even the most agitated subject.

Experimentation with SCP-546 has shown the following determents:
1) SCP-546 can devour any mood state, though preference is for low mood states This does include happiness and joy.
These feelings will not return unless induced by chemicals further testing needs to be done with SCP-induced disorders (pending approval)
2) Subject will begin to exhibit signs of mania.
3) Extreme use will cause death. Cause of death has yet to be determined.

Addendum 546-01:
Field Capture and Containment Proposal
Compiled by Agent ██████ Team leader
Submitted to Operation Oversite on ██/██/████
Operation Approved on ██/██/████

This report is to outline the mission to recover the organisms henceforth labeled SCP-546. It is divided into five parts. Part one examines the team and any unique skills required. Part two outlines expected problems with getting to SCP-546. Part three discusses precautions to be taken while dealing with the SCP. Part four will detail the planned cover story. Part five is a brief discussion of backup plans if SCP-546 manifests abilities beyond the scope of this team.

Part 1:
The team is to consist of a standard six man covert team conversant in medical oversight. This is to assist our cover story of being government inspectors doing a surprise quality inspection at ██████████ mental health institute where SCP-546 has manifested. One operative should be knowledgeable in the field of arson, this has been deemed the quickest way to remove both patients and staff from the site. The agents are also to be issued fine meshed netting and a proper carrying device for a portion of the swarm.

Part 2:
Beyond navigating standard psychiatric ward protocols our embedded agent has reported no further security around SCP-546. This means that standard protocols should allow the operation to be carried out with no special requirements.

Part 3:
The observations of SCP-546 indicate a safe classification at this time. We shall attempt to net as many of the individual members of the SCP as we are able before retreating. Under no circumstances are the team to let its guard down. The entity has been shown to feed on emotions, it is possible that it can induce said emotions if it is threatened.

Part 4:
The cover story is easily implemented by the team member conversant with arson. The building is to be burned to the ground. The patients and staff will be evacuated as per normal fire procedures while we collect our specimens. We then will exit the building as well and lose ourselves in the confusion. Any direct observers will be neutralized preferably with class c amnesiatics. Future reports of SCP-546 will be described as a fit of mass hysteria and proper counseling will be given by Foundation operatives.

Part 5:
Since we are dealing with an un-researched SCP we have to acknowledge the fact that we simply do not know what all the possible dangers might be. We have three backup plans in mind if things go badly. These are to be used if they are a threat to the general populace. Any localized threat to agents is to be met with disengagement and formulation of a new plan based on the level of threat materialized.
First option is to use miniaturized flame throwers (disguised as hair spray or other aerosols) to cull the number of gnats.
Second option is the use of gas dispersed insecticide. This is not recommended in any but the most dire circumstances since it may lead to complete destruction of SCP-546 without the possibility of research.
Third is to call in a full fire team and make sure the building is leveled. This is not preferred due to the increased clean up costs up to and including the termination of all non-Foundation personnel.

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