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Artist conception of SCP-550 phasing into local time/space.

Item #: SCP-550

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-550 is to be kept on constant watch by researchers with at least one armed guard accompanying them. An area shall be designated its hunting ground and, using our contacts within the government, be named a national park currently known as ████████ National Park. If it is to reach the outer edges of its designated containment area, the guard is to go out to its location and to release a special gaseous concoction made from the local plant-life [exact composition is available upon request to Level 3 Personnel], the mixture released acts as a deterrent for SCP-550, keeping it well within its borders. Researchers are to be replaced once every four weeks; Agent ███ is to return to his post at least once a week and stay as long as he is instructed by his superiors so that he may produce the mixture needed to pacify SCP-550; Agent ███ has been authorized for this due to his background in [DATA EXPUNGED]. Under no circumstances are researchers to get within a 200 meter radius of SCP-550. Failure to comply will result in termination.

Description: SCP-550 is a large wolf, approximately 2 meters at shoulder height, roughly taller than an average horse, although recent sighting have noted it to be anywhere from 1 meter to 5 meters. Its coat is a dark gray in color and appears to be male. SCP-550 is unusual to the average wolf not only for size but due to the fact it can phase out of local time-space, effectively teleporting at will. It has been speculated that the distance it can teleport is limited though no specific range has been determined. Due to local legends it has been determined that SCP-550 has extensive longevity and durability [see Addendum Doc #550-1]. It has not been seen associating with any of the other wolf packs within R-Site ██ or with any other wildlife other than to hunt. SCP-550 has no apparent need to feed, as it has been observed to go for months without eating.

Addendum: Those with Level c Security Clearance and above are authorized to see document #550-A and #550-B; Permission by Level 4 Security Personnel is required. Authorization by any O5 Security Personnel is required to see document #550-C onward.

Document #550-A:

Local Native American lore has revealed the extents of SCP-550’s longevity and durability. The following is the recorded interview with ████ █████, the local medicine man, on the date of █-█-███.

Agent ████: Please state your name.
Mr. █████: My name is Makwa Manidoo, but if it suits you, you can call me ████ █████
Agent: Oh I see, well Mr. █████ it seems you have some information on the large canine seen in █████ National Park, can you tell me anything about it?
Mr. ████: Well when he was first seen we mistook him to be the Coyote, a creature from our stories favored by the Great Spirit, but when we approached him we found him to be something else entirely, something to be feared.
Agent: So why was he to be feared?
Mr. ████: Well if you have come to me you have no doubt seen him, but it is not his size which is to be feared. A lone hunter cries of terror were heard, we later found him slaughtered with the wolf walking away with a bloody snout. After we had seen him for what he was, the warriors of the tribe decided to end the creature before it could cause any more harm; they were unsuccessful. The warriors were hurt and disgraced, some dead.
Agent: So did all of this continue?
Mr. ████:Thankfully no, my ancestor, the medicine man at that time, had an idea. He knew of the properties of the surrounding herbs and plants, he then went to the forest and burned the concoction and the smoke wafted through the whole forest, they found the wolf unconscious the next day. Our warriors readily approached it and attempted to end it once and for all, they [DATA EXPUNGED] but it still would not die.
Agent: So what was this concoction you described made of?
Agent: So what became of the creature?
Mr. ████: Well you see, after that the story has been told in so many ways that it's hard to know waht really happened.
Agent: Just a few more questions about this wolf, we’ve noticed abnormal swiftness in its movements from one place to-
Mr. ████: Ah yes, you speak of how it jumps from one plane of existence than back to ours in another location. I found this to be the most interesting about him, though how he has come to learn this is a mystery to me as well.
Agent: So it teleports?
Mr. ████: Yes, now if you are done I have to ask yo-
Agent: Please, just one more question please, about this concoction, it will assist the containment of this wolf if you can make it for me in bulk.
Mr. ████: That’s exactly what I was going to ask you about, you see my grandson, now age 17, has been my apprentice of sorts, and he has wanted more out of his life than what I can offer. He knows the formula for the smoke mixture that can pacify the wolf.
Agent: I can’t promise anything but I can see what I can do.
[Farewells are heard and Agent ████ departs.]

Permission to bring █████ ██████ aboard as:
A exclusive observer for SCP-550: Denied
One of two observers for SCP-550 along with an armed guard to accompany them: Granted

Document #550-B:

Personal Log of Agent ███:

March 21, 20██
-> Pops said that I can finally get some face time with the big wolf around █████. He said I’m supposed to catch it for these suits by burning the special tea he taught me to make. I’m not sure what they’re gonna do with it once they get it but I hope they won’t hurt it.
April 3
-> Geez its fast, we can barely keep up with it, it’s been phasing all around the state, it lives up to its old name of The Trickster by giving us the chase of our lives; we haven't gotten a good night's sleep in days trying to find where it phased in at. It has been some trouble for the dairy farmers up north, same for some agents that tried to sneak up to it while it was sleeping without my smoke to calm it down; poor guys didn’t stand a chance. Some of the vets from ‘The Foundation’ been talking about having some guy named ‘Able’ come try to chase it down, our superiors said he would probably kill us for wasting his time. I wonder what’s so special about this guy?
April 29
-> We’re getting closer, we figured out that even though it can teleport anywhere it wants it can only teleport so far, haven’t figured out exactly how far but we’re closer than ever now. So far our injury count is up to…all of us, he managed to make a good sized gash on my arm, I got the blood all over my, well, everywhere, so older guys have been calling me Red, I like it.
June 11
-> Hah! Finally cornered it and got it with the gas. The higher ups say that we’re gonna move him to ████████ National Park. Seems like a good place, and I guess for now they’re gonna give me a job of keeping him from leaving or causing any havoc, seems easy enough.

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