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Item #: SCP-552

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-552 must be kept absorbing side up in a standard precious items locker to minimize the risk of accidents.

Description: SCP-552 is a ███████-brand diaper of regular make and materials. Unlike normal diapers, however, it displays the ability to absorb apparently unlimited amounts of both liquid and solid material. Although affected normally by gases, lasers or heat, the absorbent surfaces of SCP-552 are entirely immune to effects that would normally be incurred by touching it with tools or liquid: cutting, piercing or tearing it is not possible, nor do molten metals or acid affect it. The item was recovered on 17/08/19██ in █████████████, Russia, after the mysterious disappearance of a baby.

Solids are absorbed fairly slowly, at a rate of approximately 10 cm3 per minute, which is not affected by the type of material. Absorption continues at this constant rate until the object is either completely absorbed, or the absorption "area" reaches a point where the object becomes too large to be covered by absorbent surfaces. Objects may be removed before they are fully absorbed, but doing so requires a great deal of effort. Living organisms can be absorbed, and it is in fact virtually impossible to pull the object off without assistance or loss of members, even for body parts where the appropriate leverage can be garnered. Even though there is no clear force "pulling" on the absorbed objects, it is impossible to pull them back at a rate better than one-tenth the normal absorption, and this alone requires extreme effort, to the point, in fact, where amputation should systrematically be considered for non-vital personnel, and always used for D-class personnel. Absorption only occur where gravity or appropriate pressure is provided; for example, once a hand is no longer pressed down on SCP-552, absorption stops. Fortunately, the item is too small to absorb fully a normal person above age 10, however, temporary loss of practical usage of a limb can be highly distressing. The sensation has been compared to a ball pit, moving sands and "living ███████". The item, however, appears immune to its own effect.

Circulation of bodily fluid and nerve impulses (test subjects report retaining the ability of moving absorbed fingers), are maintained, but electronic equipment, although left undamaged, is unable to transmit any data once any key part has been absorbed. [DATA EXPUNGED] appears to be the only form of energy that can be transmitted through this "absorption barrier". Subjects whose faces were absorbed reported [DATA EXPUNGED]. Nonetheless, there appears to be a type of force within the absorption field, as objects held at the time of absorption can be "dropped" by opening the hand, and are felt slipping away rapidly.

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