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SCP-554 in its containment chamber.

Item #: SCP-554

Object Class: Euclid (Pending reclassification to Safe)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-554 is kept at Reliquary Research and Containment Site 76 in a windowless room with an electronic combination lock. The code and research approval will be issued to Level 2 personnel who have undergone psychiatric analysis to rule out narcissistic tendencies.

Description: SCP-554 is a Victorian-style wardrobe built of oak, measuring 217 cm high by 181 cm wide by 56 cm deep. It is divided into three sections, each with a hinged door. The middle door is panelled with a full-length mirror.

The wardrobe itself is unremarkable, and can be used to store clothing and other objects normally.

The mirror has a strong attraction for individuals with above-average narcissistic tendencies. Subjects will spend more and more time gazing at their reflections, eventually being driven to touch the mirror. If both hands are laid flat against its surface, the reflection will become autonomous, grabbing the subject's hands and drawing them into the mirror. At this point the surface appears to have the consistency of mercury. Once the subject has fully entered the mirror, the reflection emerges. No damage is done to either the subject or the mirror's surface during this procedure, but subjects used in testing as of this writing have proven to be irretrievable.

554 does not react if subject is not alone in the room, or if subject does not place both hands flat against the mirror, or if subject cannot see its own reflection. 554 does not appear to recognise video feeds as a presence in the room, however, so all tests have been recorded for the archives.

The now-independent reflection (designated SCP-554-xx) appears to be a normal human being, with the exception of being a perfectly bilaterally opposed copy of the original subject (hair parts on opposite side of head, left-handed where subject was originally right-handed, scars, birthmarks, and other identifying marks on opposite side of body, etc.), including internal organs. SCP-554-xx will also show marked personality differences from the original subject. SCP-554-xx have shown no inclination to approach the mirror after emergence.

The reflections show no signs of invulnerability, increased strength, or other supernatural abilities, although they do not appear to perceive pain, and have inconsistent reactions to certain chemicals. Further experimentation is pending approval. Personnel interacting with them during testing (with no knowledge of SCP-554-xx's origins) have described them as unsettling and 'creepy', and express relief upon leaving the reflections' presence, even in cases of subjects of above-average physical attractiveness.

Addendum 554-A: Circumstances of Acquisition
SCP-554 came to the Foundation's attention in the autumn of 19██. A psychiatrist at the ███████ ███████ Asylum filed a report on Mrs. █████████ █████████████, whose daughter had recently eloped with a strange man. The patient, in addition to grieving over the loss of her daughter, whom police had failed to track down, was complaining that [DATA EXPUNGED].

Agents ███████ and ██████████████ were dispatched to the auction house to investigate. [DATA EXPUNGED] After six weeks, Agent ███████ requested a transfer off Site 76, citing an inability to sleep onsite.

Excerpt from Agent ███████'s transfer interview:

Dr. Poivre: So you do fall asleep, but the dreams don't let you get any rest?
███████: I hear him, every night. It's like he's underwater, and he keeps begging me to pull him out. It's that mirror! He's still alive in that mirror!
[███████ drops his face into his hands and trembles for several minutes before recomposing himself]

Addendum 543-B A request has been submitted by Dr. ██████ that SCP-554 be downgraded from 'Euclid' to 'Safe', as it has proven dangerous only when touched in a specific way.

Addendum 543-C Dr. Poivre has requested approval to conduct experiments using SCP-093 to attempt to reach the realm behind 554's surface. Since Agent █████████████ apparently survived for quite some time inside the mirror, he and the other test subjects may still be retrievable.

Dr. Poivre has also recommended that if those trapped in the mirror are permanently lost, 554 be slated for decommission.

For more information, see Experiment log 554-A

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