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See Document 555-0 for data regarding former Agent DMB prior to her classification as SCP-555.

Item #: SCP-555

Object Class: Neutralized (Keter)

Special Containment Procedures: After having demonstrated no further supra-human capabilities, SCP-555 (alternately known as former Agent DMB) was allowed to be detained in a maximum-security civilian prison in Ireland. SCP-555's cell was specially constructed to prevent escape in the unlikely event that SCP-555 manifests abilities beyond the scope of normal humanity, or in the event that some entity possessing supra-human abilities should attempt to break former Agent DMB out of detainment.

SCP-555's cell is monitored by SCP-personnel, supplementing the prison's usual staff. Local Army personnel already supplement regular guard staff for reasons unrelated to SCP-555. As such, onsite SCP Personnel should be discrete at all times, and are especially forbidden from openly discussing the foundation where non-SCP-personnel may overhear.

Description: Further details regarding former Agent DMB are pending declassification.

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