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Item #: SCP-556

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Object is to be kept in a plain cardboard box bearing the label "2007 RESOURCE LOG", placed among otherwise identical boxes with other labels in Storage Room ██. Requests for experimentation can be filed in the incoming folder of any researcher with level 3 clearance, who will be present for granted research sessions.

Description: SCP-556 is a vinyl shower curtain, normal-looking except the lack of holes which would accept curtain rings in a typical object. It can be affixed to any shower rod of sufficient length, or between any two vertical surfaces no further apart than its width; in either case, it instantly adheres at point of contact.

A room adorned with SCP-556 will show no outward signs of trouble, but on activation of any mechanism that dispenses water, its effects become evident. Thus far, verified effects include:

  • Water flowing as though gravity were pulling it in a non-downward direction
  • An inorganic corrosive fluid otherwise identical to that produced by SCP-075
  • Molten [DATA EXPUNGED]
  • Blood dripping from the top edge of SCP-556, instead of pouring from the showerhead in question

The triggering mechanism cannot be deactivated (and thus, the effect will continue) until less than fifty (50) percent of the curtain remains attached, though what will cause damage to it changes with each use. During one test which resulted in a tubful of lava, SCP-556 could not be pierced by any blade, though an unarmed punch in frustration caused a split to appear. Further punching severed the curtain and ended the lava flow.

Although SCP-556 can be damaged, it repairs fully when out of sight, including monitored surveillance.

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