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Item #: SCP-560

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-560 is under no circumstances to be removed, nor attempted to be removed from Site-00, located in ██████████. Direct physical contact between any personnel and SCP-560 will result in the euthanisation of all involved. (see Addendum-01)

SCP-560 is to be sealed permanently in a room with walls containing high-grade thermal insulation no thinner than two (2) meters. Additionally, SCP-560’s containment area must be heated to the upper limit of Site-00’s capability. Guards must be stationed at all times at the entrance to SCP-560’s containment area.

Should SCP-560’s containment area require maintenance the containment areas heating shall be rendered inactive, and technicians equipped with adequate cold weather gear shall be admitted into the area for the purposes of maintenance.

Description: SCP-560 takes the form of a small cube approximately 5cm x 5 cm x 5cm. SCP-560 appears to be a metallic object (Addendum-02), although this is unconfirmed, as tests have not been able to take place due to the extremely adverse conditions SCP-560 generates. SCP-560 lacks any visible imperfections or markings.

SCP-560 exhibits a seemingly endless storage capacity for thermal energy, in the ██ years SCP-560 has been contained, it has not ceased to absorb thermal heat. When not actively supplied with thermal energy, SCP-560 actively spreads the field of its heat absorption at an exponential rate.

Addendum-01: SCP-560’s thermal absorption extends to human beings, and any physical contact between it and a human results in the cryogenic freezing of a large amount of that individual's mass on contact, with the effect quickly spreading.

Addendum-02: Attempts to examine SCP-560 in detail have been met with limited success, as maintaining proximity to SCP-560 is both difficult and dangerous. SCP-560 is magnetically inert.

Addendum-03: Conventional explosives have proven ineffective at damaging SCP-560, simply by virtue of their inability to detonate near it, as the item prevents lighting of fuses etc. Due to location of Site-00, nuclear warheads are not an option for use on SCP-560.

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