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Item #: SCP-562

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Members of SCP-562 are to be kept in a large cylindrical chamber with a 20-meter diameter and a 3-meter height lined with stone. The door is to be guarded, and the insides monitored by live camera feed. The walls of the chamber are to be metal, not cement. Guards are to wear armour with composite ceramic plating, which should defend them from any damage an enraged member of SCP-562 might be able to inflict.

For the health of members of this species, the chamber is to contain limestone boulders, mudstone boulders, and a large pool. SCP-562 is to be fed as much fish as they require, and SCP-562 are to be provided with small quantities of mammalian mucus/saliva and sweat as a dietary supplement. Human mucosa are authorized for use as a treat in training exercises.

For encouragement of a healthy quantity of exercise, live fish are to be regularly released into the pool.
Researchers must have permission before they are allowed to enter the chamber with members of SCP-562. They are also to sign a waiver stating that they understand the risks of kissing SCP-562.

Anyone kissing or otherwise bringing an orifice into contact with a member of SCP-562 is to be placed in quarantine four days later. Quarantine is to last five days as the reproductive cycle of SCP-562 occurs. Infection with the offspring of SCP-562 is painful but rarely causes permanent harm. Post-emergence, the offspring of an SCP-562 via a human host is to either be incinerated or to be used for research reasons.

Members of SCP-562 are to occasionally be provided with non-sapient mammals.

Members of SCP-562 are not allowed to leave the chamber except via a human host carrying offspring.

Personnel handling SCP-562 must wash their hands with soap and water before bringing their hands into contact with any orifice.

Description: SCP-562 is a sentient species with a parasitic larval form. The species has a torso and face appearing to be that of a young woman, though they lack melanin causing their skin to appear similar to that of an albino. Their ‘hair’ is actually extruded by spinnerets, with its length, strength, and tack consciously selected by SCP-562. There are also two antennae hidden in the 'hair' capable of sensing movements in air currents.

SCP-562’s main bodies appear to be a cross between a centipede, an earthworm, and a caterpillar. They have armored ‘chitin’ down their backs and on their ‘belly’, but tender ‘skin’ on their human features. SCP-562 shed their chitin frequently. They possess a large keratinous ‘blade’ emerging from the tip of their tail. This is used to chip samples out of limestone and mudstone, which are then consumed for vital minerals, especially calcium which is a necessity for their chitin. The blade is quite blunt, and it has been demonstrated that sufficient pressure cannot be applied with it to chip steel.

Members of SCP-562's human features are frequently coated by a slick mucosa. When ‘kissing’ a human or other mammal their ‘tongue’ will produce a thick saliva that has many minute eggs. These eggs enter human orifices and work their way to the stomach, bladder, womb, or large intestine. Once there, environmental conditions such as warmth will prompt the millions of eggs to hatch. The resulting larvae emerge from the orifice they entered. The slick mucosa that coats SCP-562 also has a lower but still significant count of eggs in it.

The average adult member of SCP-562 is 2.5 meters long. Average adult lifespan within the Foundation is 1 to 2 years. This can likely be extended. Average adult lifespan in the wild is estimated to be four to six months. Members of SCP-562 seem to be capable of passing down important memories, especially acquired languages, to their offspring. This process requires physical contact. Their rate of language acquisition is similar to that of a human, but passed down from parent to nymph to allow acquisition of complex languages and grammar.

Addendum 562-1: History of discovery

Members of SCP-562 were first discovered in a series of caves in ██████. There had been reports of local men and women going missing. Agent ████ had been in town on a vacation and decided to investigate. Agent ████ found all of the missing persons within the caves. Some of them were dehydrated or malnourished but all were alive. Members of SCP-562 were caring for them. Agent ████ took all of the missing persons and all members of SCP-562 into custody. The members of SCP-562 came willingly. At the time there were approx 20 members of SCP-562.

The missing persons underwent heavy drug-withdrawal symptoms when removed from the presence of members of SCP-562. This lead to some worry that SCP-562 had some sort of mentally addictive property until testing revealed the nature of SCP-562’s saliva. The missing persons were also shown to have a large number of parasites. At first the phenomenon of eruption was not understood but after some communication with SCP-562 it was learned that the parasites were their ‘children’. This behavior is remarkably similar to [DATA EXPUNGED] and might explain why SCP-562 members tend to [DATA EXPUNGED].
The missing persons were administered class A amnesiacs and dumped outside town and the members of SCP-562 were taken in for study.

Addendum 562-2: Acquisition of test subjects

Removing members of SCP-562 from their community tends to enrage the members, causing them to increase sexual and physical aggressiveness until the removed individuals are returned. While members of SCP-562 are not particularly potent when enraged it does make experiments involving them far more difficult.

Unfortunately members of SCP-562 display similar behavior when non-human reproductive hosts in which offspring are currently maturing are removed from the chamber. Therefore the easiest way to carry an SCP-562 out of the chamber is though a human host. This duty is recommended as a punishment detail.

Addendum 562-3: Notes

For god's sake wash your hands. ~ Dr. Dumount

Any personnel caught daring others to kiss SCP-562 will be put on a punishment detail. ~ Dr. Dumount

This study was originally began by Dr.██████. Since his unfortunate demise, I have been ordered to take over. Any information that would require more than two generations of SCP-562 to discover was inputted by him ~ Dr. Dumount

Extended experiment An extended experiment with Dr. Rights: [REDACTED]
Medical and Reproductive Details Document 562-1: Medical research on SCP-562 Document 562-2: Reproductive Cycle of SCP-562
Cultural Details Document 562-3: [REDACTED]

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