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Photograph taken during experimentation using an art piece by one U███████ V█████, demonstrating the "art-like" quality of all landscapes generated by SCP-563. The burqa-wearing woman is, in fact, Agent Thornton.

Item #: SCP-563

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-563 is kept in a standard secure item locker at Storage Site 23. Experimental protocol must be approved by at least one O5-level personnel so as to minimize exposure of Foundation personnel. See also Addendum 563-01

Description: SCP-563 is a pair of unbranded, bright magenta rubber flip-flops recovered following the disastrous results of a raid at the apartment of a Montreal drug dealer.

SCP-563 causes the wearer to project a large-scale hologram-like illusion based on the first artistic representation of an imaginary landscape they see after donning the footwear. This illusion is strictly visual and auditive, but causes great mental confusion and can easily lead to injuries as the true configuration of the area becomes virtually un-assessable. Illusions cover an area varying from a few square meters to several hectares depending on some visual "barriers" such as walls, buildings, roads etc., although the area outside the illusion remains invisible. The illusion is always centered on the wearer, who is affected in the same way as others.

The illusions have been able to be photographed, as well as interacted with, such that one can scare and even catch virtual animals, or light up virtual darkness. All life forms capable of sight in the visible light range appear to be affected, and any of them may also be physically included within the illusion and disguised as a living creature that may be considerably different from its original appearance. The illusion is able to roughly match its features with both animate and inanimate objects, but this is a rather haphazard process making interaction in complex settings that much more dangerous.

Once "stabilized", the illusion does not appear to spread further unless the wearer moves, causing parts of the imaginary world to fade and new ones to "come alive". The illusions can spread much beyond the area depicted in the originally viewed image, and appear to retain characteristics similar to those of the original drawing, making film stills or photo manipulations much more realistic looking than computer or painted art.

Addendum 563-01
The following artists are not to be used in any 563-related experiment, nor should any of their work be even in the general area where such experiments are to be conducted:

  • Edvard Munch
  • Albert Lambert
  • Salvador Dali
  • René Magritte
  • Erich Heckel
  • Emil Nolde
  • Hieronymus Bosch
  • Maurits Cornelis Escher
  • Anything from Pink Floyd's The Wall
  • Dr. Bright
  • Dr. Clef
  • Any level 3 or higher foundation personnel
  • SCP-040
  • SCP-781
  • Any humanoid SCP
  • SCP-151
  • Any figurative SCP
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