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The cover of SCP-563

Item #: SCP-563

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-563 is to be contained at Sector 25, in ████████, England, in a .5m x .5m x .5m glass container supported by metal brackets.

Description: SCP-563 appears to be a paperback copy of Douglas Adams' "The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" with no special markings, alterations, etc. SCP-563, when read, projects a voice into the reader's mind. Subjects have described this voice as "male, friendly, warm… definitely British." About 3 hours after opening SCP-563, regardless of finishing it or not, subjects feel a small urge to re-read SCP-563. This urge grows slowly over the course of a few hours, with it culminating into a need, almost an addiction to the book that can only be alleviated by reading it from front to end. This has led to mobs of D-class personnel fighting over each other to read SCP-563, reportedly "just to hear that heavenly voice once more". Cases of acute paranoia have been reported by D-class personnel who have read SCP-563, with many people citing that "[the narrator] knows the question!" Affected personnel refuse to state any more.

SCP-563 was found in a rundown bookstore in ████████████, England. It was being advertised as a "magic book" by local shopkeep ████ ██████. Said shopkeeper did not know who had owned SCP-563 before obtaining it, and when asked, replied that he "just found it in a trashcan by the shop." ████ ██████ was visibly upset over the confiscation of SCP-563, and violently lunged out for it while it was being carried away by Dr. ████. ████ ██████ had later been found hanging on a noose from the ceiling of his shop, with no clues as to why.

Interview between Dr. ████ ███████ and D-563-1

Note: D-563-1 had read SCP-563 3 times front to end, with a 10 hour gap in between this interview and his last reading.
Dr. ███████: Now, what were you saying?
D-563-1: The… the narrator… knows the question…
Dr. ███████: The question to what?
D-563-1: The question to life, the universe, and everything!
Dr. ███████: And what is this question?
D-563-1: I need the book! I need to read the book! He'll tell me the question!
Dr. ███████: Do you know the answer?
D-563-1: Everybody knows the answer! It's 42!

May want to look into finding out who exactly the voice is. Rumors around the site say it's Adams himself, but I think that's a load of bunk. Dr. ███████

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