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Item #: SCP-565

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Under no circumstance is item SCP-565 to be exposed to external sound sources. Item SCP-565 is to be secured inside a double-room to ensure maximum noise cancellation. The exterior room is to have all walls coated with five layers of sound-proofing foam of alternating density followed by a layer of toughened glass. In addition it needs to have its own air filtration systems and a small video monitor displaying the interior of the room. The interior room itself is coated in three layers of sound-proofing foam as well as sound baffles and is supported on all sides by shock absorbing coils. The interior room's walls are coated with one foot thick toughened glass. Inside the room are four speakers that continuously emit white noise and a security camera that under no circumstances should be focused on SCP-565.

All personnel that interact with SCP-565 must have specially designed pacemakers to regulate their heart rhythm to within acceptable ranges; no other personnel are allowed to enter the inner room. No fewer than three personnel are allowed to enter the inner room and there must be at least two personnel stationed in the exterior chamber while personnel are present in the inner room. Under no circumstance are personnel allowed to touch SCP-565 longer than 13 seconds nor are any personnel allowed to be in the presence of SCP-565 for any longer than 1896 seconds. Should either of these rules be breeched, the inner room is to be flooded with gaseous mercury and not opened for at least 17 hours, at which point the infected personnel will be extracted by containment team XCT-771 or XCT-772 and transferred to epsilon ward. Should SCP-565 turn bright yellow, all personnel to witness this are to be terminated. In the event of the destruction of the inner room for whatever reason, the exterior room is to be flooded with liquid mercury, with recovery not to be attempted.

Description: SCP-565 was discovered in a remote cavern along the coast of southern Peru in 1955. By studying the bones discovered around it, it can be estimated to be several thousand years old. Transferred to Site 19 in 1998. SCP-565 is only visible when exposed to sound. SCP-565, when visible, is a pale blue-gray crystalline spheroid of approximately 21 cm in diameter with 13 spiny projections, all 57 cm in length. There is a small scar on the surface of the object and it appears to leak fine silvery sand composed of unidentified particles which seem to experience only 7% of the effects of gravity. The excess sand is to be removed bi-weekly and shipped to omicron ward.

SCP-565 reacts negatively to sounds over 40 decibels in intensity and sounds below the range of the human ear that are not human in origin. Personnel have reported that SCP-565 appears to tremble and shiver when presented with these sounds. SCP-565 reacts with extreme hostility to sounds that are above the human hearing range, sounds over 70 decibels and irregular or excited heartbeats and is able to disintegrate the source of the sound and surrounding matter, causing it to collapse in a pile of sand, however this ability cannot penetrate nor affect glass. How SCP-565 does this is unknown. When spoken to, SCP-565 is reported to answer by changing the hue, brightness, and saturation of its color in what appears to be an analog to speech. Scientists have only managed to identify how SCP-565 refers to itself and how it refers to others thus far.

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