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Item #: SCP-566

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: See note #566-04.

Description: See note #566-04.

Note #566-04: (Administrator ██████ ██████████) SCP-566 seems to be erasing virtually all memories and records associated with itself. Although we've experienced similar effects with SCP-███ and SCP-███, in this case we've lost three personnel, who have walked into the middle of an empty room on floor ██, which I believe to be SCP-219's containment chamber. This, along with other incidents we don't know about, makes this situation far more dire than a simple nuisance. To ensure safety until a way to research SCP-219 is developed, I elect that a purely clockwork machination be built to enact security and upkeep procedures, at least as soon as anyone can remember what those procedures are.

Note #566-13: (Administrator ████████) If anyone has any research notes or belongings of "Administrator ██████ ██████████", report them to me, along with any information on who exactly ██████ was.

Note #566-18: A recently discovered carved marble slab indicates that this object was once contained at SCP Site A113. However, no record of such a site exists.

Note #567-18
I think i saw it in room #937, i think…..wait no, room #947…..goddamn i hate that thing.

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