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Item #: SCP-569

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-569 is free to wander around Bio-Research Area-12 as it wishes during daylight hours, with access to its food dish and litter box. Subject is to be given 1.5-2 cups of Meow Mix brand cat food daily, with ample water supply to be refilled as needed. Litter Box is to be cleaned daily. Staff are asked not to tease SCP-569 with shiny objects, make SCP-569 aware of its own tail, or attempt to eat or otherwise harm SCP-569. Subject is to be placed in its kennel (2x2x2') during evening hours. All lights in the containment area are to be turned off until morning.

Description: SCP -569 is the result of unauthorized biological testing of SCP-914. Subject has the head and neck of a white Leghorn Rooster, with the body and tail of a white female domestic cat. While the person or persons responsible for the test, as well as the time and date the test was carried out are currently unknown (thus preventing disciplinary action being taken on the guards assigned to SCP-914) a post-it note was left attached to the ‘Output’ booth of SCP-914. Handwriting on the note is currently being cross-referenced with that of research staff. No matches have yet been found. Aforementioned note classified as Document # 569-1-A, reclassification pending.

SCP-569 is friendly, allowing staff to approach and pet it. Subject appears to have retained most of its feline mannerisms despite now being controlled by an avian brain. It is hypothesized that the brain tissue of the rooster was replaced by that of the cat, resulting in its feline behavior. Unfortunately, SCP-569 consumed the tissue leftover from its creation, making the theory impossible to prove without an autopsy. When approached SCP-569 will often rub its face and body against personnel, occasionally giving an exploratory peck, but the act is described as painless. Subject appears to also have retained the carnivorous diet of the feline from which it was created (See Document # 569-1-A). SCP-569’s odd appearance has resulted in several nicknames given to it by the staff of Area-12. These include: “Puss ‘n Cock”, “Chickogryph”, “Cathorn Leghorn”, and many others that are even less appropriate.

While friendly to the majority of the research staff, subject has appeared to have taken a liking to Agent ███████ in particular, following him around when on-site. When asked about SCP-569, Agent ███████ will shrug and reply, “Must smell my cat from home.” before hastily changing the subject.

Note: “Lay off of the cock and pussy jokes, people! We’re supposed to be professionals here!” – Dr. ███████

Document # 569-1-A: Post-it note found on SCP-914

Input: x1 rooster (standard commercial breed, don’t know the name). Weight: 2.7kg. Age: Less than 1 year, appears mature.

x1 white cat, female, un-spayed. Weight: 4.5kg. Age: 2 years. (Setting: 1:1)

Output: x1 cat with a rooster’s head. x1 pile of mutilated flesh. Bones, teeth, and feathers are visible protruding. Rooster/cat has begun to eat said flesh.
Man, that’s [EXPUNGED]ing creepy…

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